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The Cookie Connection, Issue #007 -- Back to School!
September 11, 2009

Best Ever Cookie Connection Newsletter
Issue 007
September 11, 2009


Welcome to the Cookie Connection
Celebrating the Joy of Cookies

Making, Baking, Tasting, Sharing, and More!

Best-Ever-Cookie-Collection News... We continue to add more delicious cookie recipes to our site every week. Some of my favorite new recipe editions include...

Be sure to visit our What's New section for a complete list of our most recent ccokie, bar and brownie recipes!

For a chance to win one of two Betty Crocker Cookie Books, check out our very first Favorite Cookie and Why? Contest and GiveAway


Favorite Cookie Bakeries

We have also added several new features to the site including a list of favorite cookie bakeries. If you have a favorite cookie bakery to tell us about, there is a quick and easy form for you to fill out.


Cookie News

Have you ever noticed how much the topic of cookies turns up in the news? We've added a cookies in the news page with interesting cookie stories for you to check out. If you come across unique cookie news, send us an email with a link and we will add it to our news page.


September's Tips and Tricks for Cookie Baking Success

If you over-soften butter or margarine, especially to the point of it starting to melt and no longer hold it's shape, your cookies will spread a lot and be flat!

Perfectly softened butter holds it's shape but give gently to pressure. You should be able to leave a fingerprint on the stick when you press it.

If you know your butter was too soft, chill your prepared cookie dough in the refrigerator until it is firm, usually about an hour, before baking your cookies!


National Cookie Days

Mark your calendar...

September 21 is Pecan Cookie Day.


Betty Crocker Cookie Books Reviews

I love cookbooks, especially cookie cookbooks, so every month I will include a review of one of my favorite cookie or baking books. This month is a 2 in 1 review of the Betty Crocker Cookie Books since there are two versions of the book available.

Original Betty Crocker's Cooky Book. This original dates back to 1963 and was called "Cooky Book." It was a red spiral-bound book filled with cookie recipes, photographs and illustrations. If you were a child in the 60s or 70s you may remember your Mom baking from this book.

A facsimile of this classic cookie book is available and it is a real trip down memory lane. If you are interested in nostalgic cookie books, you'll want to check this out. You can read my full review at Amazon.

New Betty Crocker Cookie Book. Betty updated her cookie book in 2003 in a big way.

This hardcover book is filled with more than 200 home style cookie recipes that include all the standards like chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter and molasses, as well as trendy newcomers like biscotti and tiramisu cheesecake bars.

There are lots of from scratch recipes as well as a chapter devoted to baking cookies that begin with a mix. It's a great book for beginning cookie bakers. You can read my full review at Amazon.

For a chance to win one of these cookie books, be sure to check out our first ever Cookie Contest and GiveAway


Our Favorite Cookie Baking Products

Cookies bake more evenly and never stick so cleanup is a breeze with Parchment Paper, which is available with the foil and waxed paper in most well stocked grocery stores.

Cookie Scoop, which are essentially ice cream scoops, come in a variety of sizes for all your cookie baking needs. With a cookie scoop your cookies are a uniform size so they bake more evenly. Using one is a lot quicker than pushing dough from spoons too!

Until next time -- wishing you lots of Cookie Joy -- Cookie Baking, Cookie Eating, Cookie Sharing!


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