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Cookie Monster Sings 'Me Want It (But Me Wait)' Spoof of Iconapop's Hit Song 'I Love It'

Inside the Mind of a Pro Cookie Decorator - Are Cookies an Art Form?

A Decorated Cookie You Won't Want to Spit Out: One Tough Cookie from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

How To Make M.C. Escher Cookies:
Watch George Hart as he makes M.C. Escher cookies for an M.C. Escher party. He has files for a variety of 3D-printable pattern rollers which you can download then print and roll out your own cookies

G is for Gotham, C is for Cookie: Is the Cookie Monster really Batman?

Love A Sea Turtle - Limited Edition Casey Kit
Adopt a limited edition Casey Kit and receive a special sea turtle plush toy and cookie cutter, plus an oven mitt and a personalized adoption certificate. Your donation will help protect sea turtles from driftnets, long-lines, and other dirty fishing methods.

Cookies For Kid's Cancer
Cookies for Kid's Cancer was created to raise awareness of and funds for pediatric cancer research. Get Involved Now: Throw A Bake Sale or Make A Donation.

A Baker's Dozen: The 12 Best Cookies In San Francisco
      7x7 sent out a simple tweet on Tuesday about cookies and things got heated up pretty quickly.

QREO - A QR Code Made Of Nothing But OREO Cookies
The creatives at Redpepper set out to see if it's possible to create a functioning QR code made out of nothing by OREO cookies. Did they do it? Watch now and find out…

Oreo Delivers Cookies to Antartica
In honor of Oreo's 100th birthday and the 100th anniversary of people going to the South Pole, Oreo sent 5,000 cookies to scientists in the Palmer Station in Antartica.

3D Printed Christmas Cookies

The Chemistry of Cookies
You stick cookie dough into an oven, and magically, you get a plate of warm, gooey cookies. Except it's not magic; it's science. Stephanie Warren explains via basic chemistry principles how the dough spreads out, at what temperature we can kill salmonella, and why that intoxicating smell wafting from your oven indicates that the cookies are ready for eating.

Oreos Get Fruitier With New Limeade Flavor and More
The Daily Meal, June 27, 2014
      Oreo's new limeade flavor is the latest of the fruity trend building within the Nabisco cookie's lineup. The limeade flavor joins watermelon, lemon, and berry versions of "milk's favorite cookie." Last summer, Oreo released their hot pink watermelon flavor, and this summer it's lime's turn. Oreo has begun rolling out limeade flavors of "milk's favorite cookie," joining a host of other flavors Oreo has experimented with recently, including lemon and berry. The limeade Oreo contains a tart lime-flavored crème that according to one reviewer, "tastes like lime Skittles," between two vanilla Oreo cookies. Sound gross? Surprisingly, even though the unusual treat sounds kind of odd, reviewers and consumers who have been lucky enough to catch limeade Oreos at their local supermarket have generally given the cookie favorable reviews.

A Cookie-Cutter-Collectors Convention
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 26, 2014
      Ten years ago the Gingerburghs of Western Pennsylvania introduced the wedding-cookie table to their guests at the National Cookie Cutter Collectors Club Convention. Now the national group is back to connect again at this weekend's 20th convention. "Everybody loved our tradition of the Western Pennsylvania wedding-cookie table so much. It has been embraced by every convention since then. We had to ask ourselves, 'How can we top that?'" says Lynn Maguire of Carnegie, who is the president of the national organization. The local Gingerburghs club mascots — still dressed in pearls and a bow tie — wear fishing vests to greet more than 100 cookie-cutter enthusiasts coming from as far away as Canada and Sweden and representing 15 groups with names such as the Tusky Valley Dough Girls and Rocky Mountain Cut Ups. The public is invited to attend this biannual summer celebration on Saturday, June 28 -- at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Green Tree. Register today or Friday by sending an email to gingerburgh@gmail.com. Members of the National Cookie Cutter Collector’s Club receive the quarterly newsletter Cookie Crumbs, a membership cutter, and the opportunity to attend biannual national and regional events. To join, send one year membership dues of $25 to CCCC, P.O. Box 22518, Lexington, KY 40522. Learn more at cookiecuttercollectorsclub.com.

Famous Amos Gives Cookie Business Another Try
ABC News, June 16, 2014
      The Hawaii man who in the 1980s lost ownership of his Famous Amos cookie company is reinventing his brand yet again. Wally Amos debuted his latest push for a retail rebound this month at Ala Moana Center in Honolulu. The 76-year-old is now selling his cookies at candy store Boardwalk Treats under the name, The Cookie Kahuna. Amos has reinvented himself more than a half-dozen times since losing ownership of the Famous Amos company, along with use of his moniker and image, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser (http://ow.ly/y65DO) reported. Amos started the Famous Amos company in 1975 in Los Angeles. The company ran into financial trouble and Amos eventually lost ownership. The brand is now owned by the Kellogg Co. His latest venture comes after launching other cookie businesses in Hawaii, including Uncle Noname, Aunt Della's Cookies, Uncle Wally's Muffin Co. and Chip & Cookie, which lost him nearly $1 million. He has lived in Hawaii since 1977. Amos says his previous successes and failures taught him to never give up.

Oreo Launches Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cookies
WTLX 19, May 23, 2014
      The Nabisco company has been experimenting recently with combination flavors inside their widely popular Oreo Cookies. Fans of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups now have their own time to shine, in Nabisco's latest test: Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Oreo Cookie Sandwiches. The new cookies are already available in Walmart stores, and there is no word yet from Nabisco on when they may be rolled out to other retailers.

Vienna's Best Cookies, Made With Heart And Soul
Smart Travel, May 23, 2014
     At her sun-filled workshop in Vienna's 6th district, Adelheid Horvath invited me to sit down and chat about the cookies laid out before us: dozens of classic Austrian confections tucked inside boxes and a handful of chocolate-dipped Florentines elegantly displayed under a glass cloche. As she settled in to tell me her story—about who she is as a chef—she lovingly poured a bit of dark red liquor into a small cordial glass. She handed it to me and explained (in German), "I make my own brandies from local fruits like cherries and quince. This one is raspberry." It didn't take long for me to understand that everything in her kitchen is handmade with the utmost care, and that if you were to blend together warmth, tradition, and sustainability, you'd get her confection company, Adelheid. Few pastry chefs are as passionate about ingredients as Horvath. She told me that the German word for love, lieben, has the word "life" in it, and that those two things are the most important items she adds to her cookies.

I'll Never Eat Cookies Again, Or The Permanent Psychological Damage Of Being A Fit Model
XO Jane, May 23, 2014
     "Did you have cookies this weekend?" I remember the line like I remember the specifics of anything vaguely traumatic, like how my boyfriend was chewing so lazily when he dumped me over a Subway sandwich back in 2010, or the way my mom told me with flat finality over the phone four years ago, "Well, Nana died." They're the tent poles in your personal history, the crystal clear moments to which all the other fuzzier details clump loosely around. But the cookie thing didn't have to do with getting broken up with or someone dying; it had to do with my life as a fit model, those years when I was paid to remain a static size 2 in perpetuity. Did I have cookies that weekend? No. I hadn't had cookies in over a decade, because butter, sugar, and carbs aren't really part of the diet of a real-life mannequin.

New 'F-Cup Cookies' Claim To Make Breasts Grow
News Fix Now, May 23, 2014
      Want bigger breasts? What if I told you, they could soon be yours with the bite of a cookie?! Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Well, it's not thanks to a candy maker in Japan. They have created the F-Cup Cookies. Supposedly, you can eat these sweet treats and get sweet TTs. The F-Cup cookies contain Pueraria Mirifica, a plant extract found in Thailand that is supposed to naturally enhance your breasts. Ladies, I suggest you either save your cookie dough for implants, invest in a padded bra, or embrace your itty-bitty "girls". It's not worth the risk. And bigger isn't always better.

Mystery Poet 'The Bored Baker' Leaves Haiku Poems In Packets Of Sainsbury's Cookies
The Independent, May 22, 2014
      A mystery baker has taken to expressing their disdain at work by penning haiku poems and covertly slipping them into packets of Sainsbury's Taste the Difference biscuits. Customers at a branch of Sainsbury’s Local in Mornington Crescent, Camden, were surprised to find three-line, 17 syllable poems tucked into packets of cookies by the baker on their last shift at work. Each poem is signed off: "A haiku, by the Bored Baker" and a Twitter account with the handle @theboredbaker has also been set up after people began posting pictures of the poems on social media. The author's identity remains unknown, although Sainsbury's were quick to assure shoppers the person was no longer employed by the company.

Food Truck Teaches Skills For Those In Need
SF Gate, May 18, 2014
      The food truck that travels around the St. Louis area is known for its sweets — gooey butter bars, rocky road cupcakes. In fact, it serves a higher purpose — providing job training for people with head injuries and disorders such as autism. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch (http://bit.ly/1gb4j6O ) officials at the Center for Head Injury Services came up with the idea after the economy soured in 2008. The economic collapse made it even more difficult to find work for those with disabilities. "So we decided to take matters into our own hands and create jobs," the nonprofit's Donna Gunning said. "Some people could pre-measure things, others might mix frosting or be good at the decorative part." Gunning opted for a food truck, and Destination Desserts was the result. The nonprofit business began in 2012 with help from grants from the Kessler Foundation and Developmental Disabilities Resources. It sold 15,000 dozen cookies to corporations and others that first winter. About a year ago the food truck actually hit the streets. The truck, retrofitted with a galley kitchen, is bright pink and decorated with drawings of cupcakes and cookies.

Gabourey Sidibe Gives Amazing, Emotional Speech About Cookies And Confidence
Gossip Cop, May 2, 2014
      Gabourey Sidibe delivered a funny, emotional and powerful speech about confidence at the Ms. Foundation Women of Vision Gala on Thursday. The actress spoke about how an experience baking cookies for her fifth-grade class revealed a lot about her self-admitted snobbery, weight struggles, feminist instincts, beauty, pride and courage.

Ready For A Frappuccino With A Whole Cookie In It?
USA Today, April 23, 2014
      Starbucks suddenly has the full attention of cookie-a-holics. Make that Japanese cookie-a-holics. Next month, Starbucks Japan will roll out a beverage it's calling the Chunky Cookie Frappuccino. Not just any Frappuccino, mind you, but one that tosses an entire chocolate chunk cookie into the blender.

Small Cookies, Big News: Mrs. Fields Nibblers® Cookies Make Grocery Store Debut
Market Watch, April 17, 2014
      Mrs. Fields Famous Brands ("Mrs. Fields") and Interbake Foods LLC ("Interbake Foods") today announced the arrival of Nibblers® miniature cookies in grocery stores this spring. Soft-baked and snack size, Nibblers® Cookies have been a favorite since their debut in the 1980s, but until now have been available for purchase only through catalogs, online, and at Mrs. Fields kiosks. Their size makes them perfect for shareable moments like sleepovers, school groups, and book clubs, or if you crave just a taste and not a full-size cookie (though it's pretty hard to eat just one).

The Best Way to Welcome the Royals to New Zealand: Cookies, Of Course
People, April 9, 2014
      After traveling more than 24 hours from England to New Zealand with a young baby, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did what any smart parents in the same situation would do: scheduled some family chill-out time. Of course, when you're royalty gearing up to start a whirlwind three-week goodwill trip, you might be tired, but at least you've got good hotel options. The family reportedly caught up on sleep at Wherekauhau Lodge, a gorgeous bayside estate about 90 minutes from the capital city of Wellington. The resort, whose name is pronounced "Forry-coe-hoe", is set on 5,000 acres of sheep- and cow-dotted farmland and is known for its luxurious digs and spot-on service. But what got us to stop and pay attention was the fact that every room comes with a cookie jar filled with delicious homemade shortbread that most guests become hooked on by the time they check out.

OKC Girl Scout Beats Cookie Sale World Record
News 9, April 7, 2014
      An Oklahoma City girl makes national news after she shattered records for Girl Scout cookie sales. Sixth-grader Katie Francis sold more than 21,000 cookies and said she's not going to stop there. When it comes to fundraisers, most kids just hope to sell any amount, but not Francis. She researched last year's record of 18,000 cookies sold and made it her goal to beat it. "I definitely know that everyone who wants to can do it," Francis said. For 59 days, the 12-year-old pulled her red cart filled with Girl Scout cookies throughout Oklahoma City. Rain or shine, Katie made a plan to sell about 300 cookies a day and 30 boxes an hour. "I just push through it, and I keep selling," Francis added. Francis even sings songs to help her sale.

Are Cookies The New Cupcakes In Seattle?
Seattle Refined, March 31, 2014
      Stand close enough to Robin Wehl Martin, and you're sure to get the faintest whiff of brown sugar, spice and the wide-eyed optimism of a new business owner. At least 8 hours a day, seven days a week, Robin is elbow deep in cookie dough. When she’s not making cookies, she's thinking about them; hatching up unique ways to spice up her creations. Robin is the owner of the aptly named Hello Robin, the newest sweet spot on Capitol Hill. "Naming this place was like naming a child," chuckles Robin. "I thought of 'Hello, Newman' from Seinfield, and I imagined that 'Hello, Robin' would be the first thing people would say when they walked in the door." For the last three months, neighbors and cookie lovers have been chatting up Robin while indulging in everything from traditional cookies like chocolate chip, to unique recipes like coconut curry, habanero orange, Mackle'smore and the breakfast cookie, made of carrots, oats, breakfast cereal, apricots and orange juice. Sound a little strange?

San Jose Woman Wins $400K In Lotto With Fortune Cookie Numbers
ABC 7 News, March 22, 2014
      Lottery officials say a San Jose woman has won more than $400,000 in the California Lottery Mega Millions drawing after picking numbers that matched her fortune cookies. Merces Goncalves and her husband will take their first honeymoon after 52 years of marriage after she matched five of six winning numbers in the March 4 drawing, winning $421.811, according to lottery officials. Goncalves said she picked the five winning numbers - 10, 29, 31, 35 and 45 - by matching them to numbers from inside her fortune cookie.

Cookie Lovers Convene For CookieCon
KSL.com, March 21, 2014
      Hundreds of people have gathered from around the world to enjoy cookies as a tasty art form at CookieCon. The three-day Cookie Art Convention and Show, which began Thursday, is hosting nearly 500 cookie decorators and vendors in Salt Lake City. Cookie fans from 44 states and 16 countries are receiving instruction on how to hone their decorating skills while connecting with others who share their passion. "Cookies just bring a lot of happiness," said organizer Karen Summers. "It's just kind of a fun thing. Our event is great because there is a lot of positivity." CookieCon also features the Sugar Show, a friendly competition where decorators can show off their skills. Cookie designs range from beloved story characters to fire-breathing dragons.

A McDonald's Meal Replicated with Cookies
Laughing Squid, March 21, 2014
      Osaka-based Twitter user 987akaa posted this photo of a McDonald’s meal crafted out of cookies. He reports that the curious bit of food sculpture was created by his older sister.

Dunkin' Buddy Makes Dunking Cookies Easy and Mess Free
Fox News, March 10, 2014
      The heavenly experience of eating cookies and milk is about to get even better. Perhaps you've faced the age-old problem of an aching hand while waiting for a cookie to soften in a glass of ice cold milk? What about those unsightly milk covered fingers that come along with trying to retrieve a sunken treat? These snacking disasters may finally be solved with a revolutionary new device by inventors Jason Wells and Kiana Machnicz. Enter the Dunkin Buddy—a mini apparatus that allows snack lovers to submerge any cookie of choice-- completely hands free. The secret is the design, which is essentially a cup within a cup. The smaller cup holds the cookie and a magnet attached to the outside holds and controls how far the cookie is lowered in the user's drink.

Man Heads to Trial Over Girl Scout Cookie Debt
AOL, March 7, 2014
      Some of the sweetest cookies in America have turned into a nightmare for one man in Colorado. Tad Osborn says he wrote a $42 check for about a dozen boxes of Girl Scout cookies last year. But six months later he received a notice informing him his check had bounced and he now owed double what he originally paid. Soon, that $84 bill turned into a lawsuit amounting to more than $700!

Twitter-Tailored Oreo Cookies to Sweeten SXSW
Wall Street Journal, March 6, 2014
      Oreo cookies can be dunked in milk or twisted and licked. A new method involves Twitter and a process akin to 3-D printing. Starting on Friday, attendees at the South by Southwest conference will be offered free Oreos created with high-tech vending machines that assemble the cookies in less than two minutes based on their choices. Mondelez International, the food conglomerate that owns Oreo, says a display on the machine allows users to see what flavors are trending based on social conversations on Twitter. Users have twelve choices of crème flavors and colors for their cookies, which are assembled as they watch.

These Yummy Cookies Were Made With Bugs
the Bold Italic, March 6, 2014
      You know that whole "the population is exploding and soon we won't have enough food to feed everyone" thing? No? Well, it's a big issue. We need to figure out more sustainable, widely-available meal sources that do not further strain our already overtaxed earth. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has an idea for how to address this, one that relies on a natural source (no test-tube meat here) that is protein-rich, nutritious, and already a regular feature in diets worldwide. To good to be true? That all depends on how you feel about eating bugs. Yeah, bugs.

A US Jury Just Convicted Two Men for Selling a Scret Oreo-Whitening Technique to China
Quartz, March 6, 2014
      Two men in California are facing more than two decades in prison for stealing a recipe for making titanium dioxide (TiO2), a chemical used to whiten the cream in Oreo cookies, as well as numerous other uses in the manufacture of paper, plastic, and paint. The method was stolen from chemical giant DuPont and sold for more than $20 million to a Chinese state-owned rival, Pangang Group, whose previous attempts to buy the recipe from DuPont had been rebuffed.

Dominique Ansel to Debut Milk and Cookie Shots at SXSW
Eater, March 5, 2014
      Soon after announcing that he'd be bringing his mania-inducing Cronuts to Austin's SXSW, the NYC pastry chef has revealed via Instagram his latest dessert creation which he'll debut at the festival: Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots. Reps from Dominique Ansel Bakery tell Eater about the inspiration for the dessert — a chocolate cookie "glass" containing a "shot" of milk — came after Ansel tried his first Oreo "a few weeks ago" and was encouraged to eat it with milk, which is not "a natural combination in French culture."

Girl Scout Cookies and Beer Pairings
Mendocino Brewing Blog, March 5, 2014
      It's Girl Scout Cookie season, and what better way to support the largest girl-lead business in the world than pairing some of their classic cookies with craft beer! Now you have another reason to load up on a few extra boxes and help these kids learn the skills of running a business. Who knows—today's Girl Scout Cookie Professional could be tomorrow's cookie-inspired lady brewer! (Okay—maybe next decade's…)

How Did Fortunes Get Into Cookies?
The Boston Globe, March 4, 2014
      You can't hear much more than the racket of clanging machinery at Wonton Food's fortune cookie factory here, which is a sprawling brick building that takes up an entire square block. In this place, 4 million cookies are churned out every day, each with a fortune tucked inside. Dozens of workers in white caps tend the production line around the clock, six days a week at the world's largest producer of fortune cookies. Demand is high. After all, what would dinner at a Chinese restaurant be like if the cookies, with their bits of wisdom and philosophy, didn’t arrive with the bill? The family-owned-and-operated Wonton Food was founded by Ching Sun Wong, 78 and semi-retired, who was born in China's Guangdong province and came to the United States in the 1960s. Ten years later, he opened Wonton Noodle Co., a basement factory with a shop upstairs, in New York's Chinatown. After running it for 20 years, he bought a small Chinatown fortune cookie factory. "The equipment was old-fashioned," says Wonton Food manager Weilik Chan. "We designed and made new machines ourselves."

New 'Cookie Diet' Gains Popularity In Us UK and Australia
Beauty World News, February 23, 2014
      New figures show that half a million people in America and Australia are replacing main meals and snacks with cookies, and this trend is set to hit the UK, raising serious concerns about their health and well-being. The latest diet to hit across the pond is the Cookie Diet. After success in America and Australia, cookie-hungry Brits will be trying this new slimming regime as a tasty way to shed those extra pounds. It may seem ludicrous that you can eat nine cookies a day and lose weight, as these calorific treats are typically high in sugar and fat. But Dr. Siegal's cookies are packed full of amino acids and protein so dieters can tuck in without the guilt. But nutritionally restrictive diets have received lots of negative criticism from health professionals, who argue that their controlling nature means they are not a long-term answer to weight loss or Britain's obesity epidemic. But this did not stop celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Hudson and Denise Richards jumping at the opportunity to try this diet. After taking Hollywood by storm, the craze is making its journey overseas and into the cookie jars of hopeful dieters. Dr. Sarah Brewer, a Cambridge University graduate and medical nutritionist said: "It's important that people don't hear the phrase Cookie Diet and tuck into mainstream varieties that are laden with sugar, saturated fat and salt. Dr. Siegal's cookies are different!"

This Is How You Reseal A Pack Of Cookies To Keep Them Fresh
Lifehacker, February 22, 2014
      You don't need a clip to seal an opened bag of chips, and a pack of cookies is no different if you follow CrazyRussianHacker's simple folding method demonstrated in the video above. It's best seen than read about, but here's a short description if you can't be bothered to hit Play. Place the pack on a table and flatten the open end, pushing out all the air by running your fingers till you come to the top of the cookies. Fold the flattened open end to one side—this will cause two edges to stick out at the point of the fold. Fold these edges inwards to create a pocket. Then, fold the flattened open end backwards and tuck it under the pocket. It's much, much easier than how I am making it sound here. Seriously, watch the video.

NASA to Ship Cookies to ISS After Losing Canada-US Hockey Bet
City News, February 21, 2014
      It was a sweet bet that paid off in mouthfuls for the Canadian Space Agency. On the line in the Canada-United States men's hockey wager with NASA was a box of cookies. Thanks to Canada's semi-final victory at the Sochi Olympics on Friday, the Americans will eventually ship a box of maple creams to the International Space Station. On Friday, U.S. President Barack Obama lost a case of beer to Prime Minister Stephen Harper when the Canadian women's hockey team won gold against the Americans. The U.S. space agency had accepted the challenge by wagering a cookie emblazoned with red, white and blue "Stars and Stripes" icing. The Canadian Space Agency savoured the 1-0 victory, saying on its Twitter account: "Can't tweet. Mouth full, crumbs abound!"

Lessons From Inside The $800 Million Girl Scout Cookie Selling Empire
Fast Company, February 19, 2014
      It's not all campfire songs and good deeds. Girl Scout cookie sales are big business, to the tune of nearly $800 million last year. Here are the business skills the future leaders are building. They are everywhere this time of year, and for most people they are an irresistible product they always come back to: Girl Scout cookies. For 97 years, Girl Scouts across America have participated in the cookie sales program, which has raised nearly $800 million each of the last two years. "It's so important to invest in the next generation of leaders," says Kelly Parisi, Chief Communications Executive for New York City-based Girl Scouts of the USA. Cookies sell for between $4 and $5 a box, and the money raised (after paying the baker) stays in the community and is used to fund Girl Scout troop initiatives. By buying cookies, you're investing in your community and the girl, Parisi says. Getting your Thin Mint fix should also make you feel good about the future of women in leadership roles. According to a recent national study by the Girl Scouts Research Institute (GSRI), only 39% of girls want to be leaders. "Girls are not opting in to leadership roles. They're putting their hands down earlier and earlier, as early as the age of five," Parisi says. Another GSRI study on financial literacy found that 90% of girls think managing money is an important skill, but only 12% felt confident making financial decisions. "(The cookie program) allows girls to learn these skills in a safe space," Parisi says.

What Your Favorite Kind Of Cookie Says About You
Huffington Post, February 14, 2014
      Cookies are a thing of beauty. From the humble oatmeal raisin to the sophisticated macaron, and of course, to the classic chocolate chip, the wonderful world of cookies knows no bounds. Cookies with milk, cookies for an ice cream sandwich, cookies on their own… the ways to eat a cookie are as numerous as the kinds of cookies out there. With so much to choose from, you likely have a favorite cookie, or at least a go-to, and your pick probably says more about you than you think. Are you traditional and go for what you know, or are you bold and even a little sassy? Find out what your favorite cookie says about you.

Demand Strong In Japan For Cookie Time
Stuff, February 13, 2014
      They're queuing up for New Zealand-styled cookies in Tokyo. Canterbury-based snack manufacturer Cookie Time has opened a store in Japan, based on its Queenstown shop, and the queues have been out the door even before it was officially opened today. The store, Cookie Time's first foreign outlet, is in the fashionable Harajuku shopping area within the Shibuya ward of Tokyo. Cookie time has been operating for about 30 years and its 44 products reach most New Zealand consumers through a distribution chain that includes 6000 outlets including supermarkets, cafes and dairies. It has sales of about $30 million. While the Cookie Time Harajuku store officially opens today it has been trading since December 20 with daily queues of people waiting to get inside, Cookie Time International Ltd (CTIL) director Lincoln Booth said.

You Can Actually Bake Cookies Using The Dough In Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Huffington Post, February 5, 2014
      Think the little morsels of dough in cookie dough ice cream are just flavoring? So did I, until a few days ago. But then a few of our colleagues approached me with an unusual question: What happens if you try to bake cookies using the dough in cookie dough ice cream? Can it be done? After consulting with the HuffPost Taste editors, I confidently told them it could not. That the "cookie dough" ice cream manufacturers use in ice cream couldn't possibly be the same thing that we use to bake chocolate cookies at home; that it must, surely, be an amalgam of sugar, gums and flavoring chemicals that would turn into some sort of crystalline powder or watery slime in an oven. But underneath this thin veneer of confidence, I felt unsure. Was it possible? Does cookie dough ice cream contain real cookie dough? Or if not, might the process at least yield something hilariously disgusting? I was intrigued enough to give it a try.

The Story Behind 'Milk Road,' The Bitcoin Cookie Stand
Forbes, February 3, 2014
      Last month, a Bitcoin-loving Redditor spotted a cookie and lemonade stand in San Francisco's Noe Valley that accepted the virtual currency. After buying a Snickerdoodle for a fraction of a Bitcoin, he snapped a photo asking the girls to say "cheese for the Internet." That they did. Soon, the girls identified as Mia and Taylor in the photo, were featured in online articles around the world, including at least one erroneous one that claimed that the Girl Scouts were now accepting Bitcoin, because apparently some people think that 'girls selling cookies' always equates to 'girl scouts.' When I first saw the photo, I assumed a Bitcoiner was using the cute factor in the hopes of generating thousands in donations, like the college football fan who received $20,000 after flashing a "Hi Mom, Send Bitcoin" sign on ESPN. But then I tracked down the family behind the photo, and found the motivations were far more innocent that that (and that the returns were much lower than that). The first surprise to me — revealing some gender assumptions about virtual currency — was that the instigator for the Bitcoin offer was not the girls’ father, but rather their mother, Holly, an employee at a tech company in San Francisco. She got interested in Bitcoin during the craze last January, and has become obsessed with it.

How To Make Smiling Sesame-Ball Cookies For Chinese New Year
Chatelaine, January 31, 2014
      Earlier this month, I visited the vibrant metropolis of Hong Kong and had a chance to tour the kitchens of Michelin-star restaurant Ming Court at the Langham Place Hotel in Mong Kok. The restaurant offers private dim sum lessons with their experienced chefs, so I jumped at the chance to learn secret techniques, tips and tricks from Ming Court's dim sum master himself, Chef Tse Sun Fuk, for a Chinese New Year staple — smiling sesame balls. These traditional cookies are served during the new year to symbolize happiness and laughter. In fact, the Chinese name for these translates directly to "smiling mouth cookies" — meaning if you eat these cookies, the year that follows will be a happy one full of smiles and laughter. (In addition, the cracks made in the cookies while they're frying make them look like they are smiling or laughing.) Chef Tse's secret to making them crispy on the outside, and pillowy soft on the inside, is melting the sugar in the water before adding the remaining ingredients. They are surprisingly easy to make, and even easier to eat! And I can promise that the name rings true because after adapting this recipe in the Chatelaine Kitchen, we were definitely all smiles. Gong Hei Fat Choi, from our kitchen to yours!

Carl's Jr. Adds Snickerdoodle Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich To Dessert Menu
QSR Web, January 29, 2014
      Carl's Jr. has added a hand-scooped snickerdoodle cookie ice cream sandwich to its dessert menu. The new offering features a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two sugar and cinnamon-sprinkled snickerdoodle cookies. "Unlike almost every other hamburger chain in the country, Carl's Jr. brings in hard-packed tubs of ice cream to make its hand-scooped ice cream shakes and malts, but that also allows us to be able to make some amazing hand-scooped ice cream Sandwich creations," said Brad Haley, chief marketing officer of Carl's Jr., in a news release. "From the Oreo Cookie to the Chocolate Chip Cookie to the internet sensation Strawberry Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwiches, our Menu Development team has had a lot of fun trying new sweet treat combinations. After sampling many new potential candidates, including some, frankly, rather bizarre ones, we all fell in love with the taste of snickerdoodle cookies and ice cream. The sweetness of the soft, sugar and cinnamon dusted cookies pairs perfectly with the creaminess of the vanilla ice cream. It's an ice cream sandwich that's as yummy to eat as it is fun to say."

10 Things You Didn't Know About Girl Scout Cookies
Huffington Post, January 20, 2014
      It's Girl Scout Cookie season, and it couldn't have come sooner. Your freezer is empty of Thin Mints. You freebased your last Samoa a month ago. Now's your chance to hit up your not-at-all-aggressive co-worker and score a stash from her niece. But where do these magical cookies come from? (Hint: They aren't made of or by Girl Scouts.) Who holds the sales record? Check out some little-known facts below, and then go order 20 boxes. That should get you through March.

Learn How To Make Soft, No Bake Korean Cookies Called Yul-Lan
Maangchi, January 16, 2014
      Today we’re going to learn how to make a soft, no-bake Korean cookie made from chestnuts, called yul-lan. They are smooth and soft and have a very subtle, lightly sweet taste. They go great with tea. They are simple to make, but as you see in the video, it can take some time to boil, pound, and shape the chestnuts. I love to eat steamed chestnuts as a snack. I Just boil them, split them in half, scoop out the middle, and eat. You can also mix the insides of steamed chestnuts with milk to make baby food. Yul-lan is a kind of traditional Korean confectionary called suksilgwa, which are made from cooked fruits and nuts and then reshaped, often to resemble the ingredients they were made from. It was traditionally something that was strictly for the upper classes and royalty during the Joseon dynasty (1392 to 1897), but these days they are enjoyed by all kinds of people. Check out the recipe and the video, and give these cookies a try! Enjoy my recipe and let me know how it goes!

A Genius Guy Invented The Perfect Machine To Make A Single Cookie
Gizmodo, January 13, 2014
      Here's the thing about chocolate chip cookies: they're delicious. Here's another thing: unless you're a professional baker maestro who bakes a batch everyday and tweaks their cookie recipe after every time to adjust the flavor, it's going to be hard to come up with the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. It's a numbers game, you just don't bake enough to figure out exactly what works. Not anymore. Not with this machine. This is perfection. Here's the solution from Ben Krasnow: a machine that mixes in the perfect amount of each baking ingredient to make one single cookie. Even better, you can tweak each single cookie's recipe however you want because a computer controls everything that goes into the cookie. You want to adjust the amount of egg and flour? Just move the slider accordingly and it'll squirt out the measurement you want. It's a single-serving cookie machine that's perfectly accurate and infinitely tweakable every time. You can reach the holy grail of cookie with this. It's the world's best invention (sadly, it doesn't self mix). It's hard to screw up a chocolate chip cookie. This machine can make them perfect, one at a time.

Cooktique To Hold Healthy Cookie Workshop
NorthJersey.com, December 29, 2013
      If you're looking to teach your kids how to eat healthy and bake at the same time, consider enrolling them in Cooktique's Healthy Cooking Workshop. Four- and 5-year-olds will learn to make chocolate chip cookies, brown sugar crackles and lemon thins from Cooktique co-owner Cathy McCauley, a certified culinary professional. The recipes will use natural ingredients such as honey, unsweetened chocolate, agave and brown sugar instead of white sugar, McCauley says, to keep the cookies lean.

Pack Cookies With Tortillas To Keep Them Fresh And Unbroken
Lifehacker, December 18, 2013
      Giving the gift of a tin of freshly baked cookies is a wonderful thing, and the last thing you want is for your recipient to open it up to find the cookies all dry and crumbled in the tin. Thankfully America's Test Kitchen has a foolproof way to keep them moist for the long haul: Pack them with tortillas. The video does all of the explaining here, so it's worth a quick watch. You'll need both flour tortillas and parchment paper, and while the parchment paper will serve to separate the layers, the tortillas will provide a little extra moisture and cushioning to keep the cookies in one piece. And, as ATK notes, your gift recipient gets bonus tortillas, which may or may not be a good thing.

Gingerbread Goes Inclusive with Sugar Cookie Chanukah House
Consumerist, November 27, 2013
      Looking for a fun Thanksgivukkah™ activity this weekend while your Christian neighbors put up their tree? Why not try frosting together the adorable sugar-cookie Chanukah House from Manischewitz? We associate gingerbread houses with Christmas, but there’s nothing inherently Christmassy about them. They’re just some very large cookies held together with frosting and decorated with a shameless waste of candy. Anyone can do that!

Thanksgiving Stuffing Cookies Are About To Blow Your Mind (Exlcusive Recipe)
Huffington Post, November 19, 2013
      Move over, pumpkin pie. There's a new Thanksgiving dessert in town. Made by Downtown Cookie Co. in New York City, Thanksgiving Stuffing Cookies are complex, subtle and completely surprising (in a great way). They're formulated from a basic cookie recipe, except for one unexpected ingredient: Pepperidge Farm Stuffing. While we anticipated the marriage of cookies and stuffing to be dry, salty and unforgivingly inappropriate, they were anything but. About 10 seconds after our first bite, our eyes turned into dinner plates as the nuances of the stuffing came to life on our palates. The cookie is unfailingly moist, with a tender crumb and delicately balanced flavor, thanks to just a hint of salt and dried spices. Plump dried cranberries stud the cookies throughout to make them even more Thanksgiving-y.

Goodwill Opens Great Cookies Bakery
KWQC.com, November 15, 2013
      It's a "sweet" way to support veterans. A local non-profit is offering unique employment to homeless and disadvantaged vets. Goodwill of the Heartland officially opened its Great Cookie Bakery in Bettendorf on Friday. All of the employees are veterans in need. There are a lot of homeless veterans in our community, although it is difficult to know exact numbers because, among other reasons, homeless veterans are only counted when they seek services. But if it's any indication, the VA Homeless Veterans Outreach Center in Rock Island has served1,642 homeless veterans and veterans at risk of becoming homeless since May of this year alone.

Mallomars: The Cookie Everyone Likes to Hoard
NPR, November 10, 2013
      Mallomars turn 100 years old this month. Over the years, the chocolatey marshmallow treat has gathered a cultlike following. For those who have yet to discover Mallomars, take heed — you may soon have a new addiction. It's Mallomar season right now, which may seem strange since Mallomars are commercially packaged cookies, not apples. But the round graham crackers topped with marshmallow and covered in dark chocolate are actually packaged seasonally. Mallomars are only shipped during cool months, so the chocolate won't melt. This may have made sense in 1913 when Nabisco sold the first Mallomars to a grocer in Hoboken, N.J., but now we have refrigerated trucks. A brand spokesman says the cookies are still only sold September through March, to maintain tradition. It's pretty good marketing too. Unlike your everyday Chips Ahoy, Mallomars have a mystique. It's what the company calls a nostalgic brand. In spring and summer, the only place to find Mallomars is in someone's freezer, probably in the Northeast, where 95 percent of Mallomars are sold.

Gretchen Holt-Witt Baked 96,000 Cookies to Raise Millions for Cancer Research After Losing Son
People, November 7, 2013
      In the fall of 2007, doting mother Gretchen Holt-Witt of Califon, N.J., was in good spirits. Her 2-year-old son Liam, who had spent months in and out of the hospital battling neuroblastoma, a form of nerve cancer, was in remission and appeared healthy once again. "We were so grateful his cancer was gone, we felt it was important to give back," says Holt-Witt. So Gretchen and Liam, a joyful risk-taker of a kid who loved to cook – "he'd download tons of cooking apps," Holt-Witt says – decided to pay it forward. They came up with the idea to bake cookies to raise money for pediatric cancer research. But a few dozen wouldn't do. They opted for 8,000 dozen.

Oreo Cookies May Be As Addictive As Drugs, Study Suggests
The Spec, October 25, 2013
      Don't be so hard on yourself if you're unable to resist tearing into a bright blue bag of Oreos. Turns out that little cookie may be as addictive as cocaine. Researchers at Connecticut College made the discovery recently, after studying the effects of high-fat, high-sugar foods on rats' brains. They found that eating Oreos activated more neurons in a region of the brain known as the "pleasure centre" than exposure to "drugs of abuse." "It means that something that is pleasurable — eating Oreo cookies — activates the brain in the same manner, and to a greater degree even than cocaine or morphine," explained Joseph Schroeder, a psychology professor at the college who worked with four students on the study. The findings, which have yet to be published, could affect understanding of obesity in humans./p>

Cookie Business Is Hot Out Of The Oven
Montreal Gazette, October 10, 2013
      After nibbling at the idea when he was 14, Jesse Schwarz created Yo’Dough, using social media and online stores, and focusing on building the brand. At a time when teen moguls and business innovators are on the rise, Jesse Schwarz was ahead of the pack in 2003. At the budding age of 14, Schwarz loved eating chocolate cookies and being creative. When his mom told him to bake his own, rather than following recipes, he started putting chocolate bars and caramel into the mixes to create his own flavours. "My friends and family liked them better than other cookies, and when someone suggested I try selling them, I went for it," Schwarz said.

Papa John's New Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie
Brand Eating, September 30, 2013
      Papa John's is now using their pizza ovens to bake giant chocolate chip cookies with the new Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie. The family-sized cookie is baked fresh, served warm, and cut into 8 slices to mirror the chain's pizza. It looks a lot like a Pizookie from BJ's or cookie cake from Mrs. Field's and gives them something that neither Pizza Hut or Domino's are offering.

Michelle Obama Gives Us The Perfect Halloween Cookie Recipe
Refinery29, September 28, 2013
      There are renaissance women, and there's Michelle Obama, who's literally in a league of her own. Our FLOTUS isn't only an exemplary professional role model for all women, she's also down to have fun, laugh at herself, and get dirty with the kids. Turns out she harbors a bit of a sweet tooth, too, despite also actively seeking a solution to childhood obesity. Hey, it's all about balance, and sometimes that means choosing to indulge. Halloween is certainly one of those times. In 2008, Obama baked these festive treats for Family Circle's now legendary "Presidential Cookie Recipe" series. She didn't take the grand prize, but her husband landed the Presidency — and these cookies are still certifiably delicious, so everyone wins. Read on to get Michelle Obama's Shortbread Cookie recipe.

Sequestration Bake Sale Offers Multimillion-Dollar Cookies
Huffington Post, September 26, 2013
      It was a bake sale doomed to fail, with several cookies priced at more than $100 million. But the lack of sales was expected. The real goal was to demonstrate the drastic effects sequestration has had -- and will continue to have -- on education. "Our kids deserve more than cookie crumbs," said Myrna Mandlawitz, president of the Committee for Education Funding, the coalition of education groups that hosted the bake sale Wednesday in the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill. Among the baked goods for sale were a $727 million cookie, intended to make up for Title I aid cuts, and a $401 million cookie, whose profits were slated to replace Head Start cuts. Other large chocolate chip cookies frosted with "Teacher Quality Cut = $124 million" and "Trio/Gear Up Cut = $57 million" sat on a table near speakers Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) and representatives from education advocacy groups. The baggies of Oreo cookie crumbs were to be dropped off at congressional offices later in the day.

Taste Test Thursday: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Side Dish: D Magazine, September 26, 2013
      What makes a chocolate chip cookie perfect? Every day I wake up, brush my teeth, and ask myself this very important question. For me, the cookie must have a crunchy exterior and a soft, semi-doughy inside. It must be warm. The base and edges must be a tiny bit crispy. Chocolate chips have to be semi-sweet and evenly spread out. They can't be too big or too small. Otherwise, game over. I'll just eat snickerdoodle instead. These age-old, classic desserts are everybody's favorite indulgences. Don't lie and tell me you don't break out a package of Nestle Toll House cookies from time to time. You eat them at midnight, too? Welcome to the club. I've gathered six different chocolate chip cookies from all over Dallas for a little Thursday taste testin'. Find out which cookie takes the top honors by making the jump. Go.

O.J. Simpson Stealing Cookies From Prison Cafeteria? 'Juice' Warned By Guards, Avoids Discipline
Sports World News, September 26, 2013
      O.J. Simpson has been reprimanded by Nevada jail officials after being caught stealing cookies from the prison cafeteria. According to the DailyMail.com, guards recently observed the 66-year-old NFL Hall of Famer stuffing something under his prison uniform as he walked back to his cell after lunch. When they quizzed and searched him, suspecting he had smuggled a cell phone or some other banned item into the facility, they allegedly found about a dozen oatmeal cookies.

Pepperidge Farm's Richest Cookies, Ranked By The Wealth Of Their City Namesakes
Business Week, September 20, 2013
      Before there were Nantucket and Tahoe cookies, Pepperidge Farm (CBP) baked dainty biscuits with fancy-sounding European names, like Bordeaux, Geneva, and Brussels. When the Norwalk (Conn.) company introduced its so-called American Collection in 1986, it gave the much bigger (of course) cookies the names of fancy-sounding U.S. cities. "Popular vacation destinations," in the words of Pepperidge spokeswoman Geri Allen. Today, the chocolate-and-macadamia Sausalito is the best-selling variety from the American group. One minor mystery is the Lexington, added to the lineup in 2011.

Ranch Dressing Cookies By Rogue Bakery Have Officially Blown Our Minds
Huffington Post, August 30, 2013
      Sometimes you're going about your day when something lands on your desk that changes your concept of reality. For us, today, it was ranch dressing cookies. Let me repeat that, because it bears repeating, RANCH. DRESSING. COOKIES. Now, we're not talking about some gross, ranch dressing powder monstrosity, created only in the interest of shock value. We are talking about a legitimately delicious cookie, possessing a basically perfect texture, made with homemade ranch dressing ingredients, by Columbus, Ohio's Rogue Bakery. Yes, we said delicious. Which confused us. On account of -- it's a ranch dressing cookie.

Meet The Robot Chef Who 'Prints' Cookies
CNN, August 30, 2013
      Your cooking partner is a robot, your fridge can talk, and your plate is your own personal dietician. Oh, and for a laugh you occasionally have a cook-off with a famous holographic chef. This may sound like a scene from 1960s sci-fi cartoon The Jetsons, but the kitchens in coming decades may not be so far off those envisioned by futurologists. Today, a number of significant developments in culinary tech are happening in the field of robotics. CNN's Blueprint team caught up with a group of design students in Poland who recently programmed an industrial robot -- usually tasked with building cars -- to cook.

Mississippi Chef In Competition To Win $20,000 For Cookie Recipe
Clarion Ledger, August 29, 2013
      If you work in downtown Jackson, chances are you know Steve Long and have visited Steve's Downtown Deli at least once. Now you have the opportunity to vote for Long in a culinary competition that has his "Sweet Potato Pecan Cookies" up against other delicious creations throughout the nation. If Chef Long wins, he'll have the opportunity to take his recipe national and win $20,000 in cash and prizes. He is one of 54 finalists in the Next Top Product contest launched by US Foods to find America's next hot food trend. To move on to the next round of judging - a head-to-head cook-off at the World Food Championships in Las Vegas – Long's recipe will need to be a top eight vote on the US Foods website at www.usfoods.com/NTP.

Local Woman Finds Cookie Success At Old Cheney Farmers Market
JournalStar, August 28, 2013
      With barely contained joy, Dolores de la Torre describes her first season of selling her Around the World Cookies at the Old Cheney Road Farmers Market. Nearby vendors have welcomed de la Torre and Frida, her 13-year-old daughter and baking helper, and all week she looks forward to seeing them.

It's Bake Sale Time, So Look To McCormick For Flavor
BaxterBulletin.com, August 28, 2013
      The Back-to-School season marks the start of the most delicious extracurricular activity: bake sales. Cookies and brownies are two of the most popular bake sale items, and this year, they’ll taste even better with a flavor twist. The McCormick Kitchens have developed easy cookie and brownie recipes — including one that combines the two — to make sure your treats are the talk of the table.

Oreo Cookies: The 'Stuf' Ridiculous Lawsuits Are Made Of
Hawaii Reporter, August 26, 2013
      Earlier this week a mini food scandal erupted under the following headline: "Double Stuf Oreos Don't Actually Have Double The Creme." If this reminded you of yet another instance of life riffing on The Onion or Ron Swanson, you're not alone. The scandalous headline, courtesy The Huffington Post, is the result of the efforts of Dan Anderson, a high school math teacher in upstate New York who had his students weigh three types of Oreo cookies and report their findings.

Homeless And On Food Stamps, Salem City Man Starts Cookie Catering Business
NJ.com, August 25, 2013
      What do you do when you're homeless and don't have a penny to your name? Start a cookie business, of course. "Everyone told me I was crazy, but I thought it was the perfect situation," said Salem native Jason Mercado, owner of Just Cookies. "I had nothing to lose." Mercado, 41, now bakes out of two locations — one in Philadelphia and one in Salem — but his road to owning a cookie business was not always a sweet one.

Palm Harbor's JJ Gandy's Bakes 100,000 Key Lime Cookies Each Year
Palm Harbor Patch, August 15, 2013
      JJ Gandy's is famous for its key lime pies, but you might be surprised to learn that key lime cookies are the hottest selling item at the Palm Harbor landmark bakery. How many cookies do you bake each year? Palm Harbor's JJ Gandy's bakery has probably got you beat by tens of thousands!

Cookie Jars Attract Collectors
Pocono Record, August 10, 2013
      The cookie jar held a place of honor in American kitchens in the 1950s and 1960s, when it was part of the overall home décor as well as an important piece of serving ware. Cookie jars were of good size in order to hold many cookies for America's growing families in the years following World War II. The fact that these vintage collectibles were positioned in 'the front lines' (aka the kitchen countertop) of busy post-war American kitchens makes their condition a vital trait when assessing their value on the collectibles market. Chips, cracks, and scratches to the surface decoration are key factors when evaluating vintage cookie jars.

Oreo Ice Cubes Prove There's Really No Right Way To Eat Milk And Cookies
FoodBeast, June 22, 2013
      Cookies and cream aren’t exactly an all-the-time meal, which makes craving Oreos while knocking back a tall iced coffee only the slightest bit annoying. But no more. Thanks to this sly lifehack from Oreo, now you have all the tools to enjoy the cool taste of Oreo with everything. Just crush up some Oreos and stick them in an ice tray filled with milk, let freeze and presto – Oreo Ice Cubes. Put them in your coffee, in your boba, in your Thai tea.

Today I Learned: Fortune Cookies Originated In Japan, Not China
FoodBeast, June 21, 2013
      Here's the scoop: Those obligatory fortune cookies that come with the bill at Chinese restaurants? They're originally from Japan and are distinct from the Americanized version you get at the end of your meal. The Japanese cookies are larger and made of darker dough. The batter is made of sesame and miso, rather than vanilla and butter, making it more savory than sweet. And that signature paper slip carrying your fortune? It's simply wedged in the bend of the cookie, instead of inside the cookie's hollow interior.

Watermelon Oreos Aren't As Gross As We'd Imagined, But Not Great Either
Huffington Post, June 20, 2013
      When we first learned about watermelon Oreos, we were keen to try them. Imagine our delight when a yellow box of the cookies arrived Thursday morning. A horde of editors quickly descended upon them. Were they are good as The Junk Food Guy said they would be? Not quite. "The first bite is confusing to the taste buds," said one editor. "It doesn't taste bad, but my initial instinct is, 'Don't swallow!' because it tastes like gum." Several others agreed, name checking bubble gum brands like Bubbly Yum, Bubblicious and Big League Chew. Others were reminded of a different flavor. "Super fake tasting, like a Jolly Rancher that sat in the sun and then was crumbled into a sugary, chemically, creamy-ish cookie of sadness," wrote an editor. But not everyone hated them. "I would take these home, but I wouldn't marry them," mused an editor, which turned out to be the highest praise of the entire tasting.

Cookies Made Of Grasshoppers Could Be The Next Food Craze
ABC News, June 18, 2013
      Would you eat cookies where the main ingredient is grasshopper? Natalia Hernandez and Jesus de Anda - two chemical engineering students at Mexico's Tec de Monterrey University - are betting that quite a few people will. They also think that grasshopper cookies can help to fight hunger and obesity. Hernandez and de Anda are about to register a brand of cookies made with regular flour, oatmeal and grasshopper powder, which they will call "Cricket Cookies." Their idea, so far, is to sell these cookies at health food stores but also to distribute them in public schools in Monterrey's poor neighborhoods.

'Game of Thrones,' 'True Blood' And 'Sex and the City' Cookies Launched By HBO
Zap2It, April 11, 2013
      HBO has announced a partnership with Eleni's New York bakery to launch a line of cookies based around some of the network's most popular TV shows. Available now are cookies styled after "Sex and the City," and edible treats based on "Game of Thrones" and "True Blood" are set to come out in a couple of weeks. The cookie sets can either be purchased online, at HBO's New York City store or on Eleni's website. They range in price from $10 to $55 and are said to be fairly large in size. Eleni's promises that all of the bakery's cookies are peanut and tree-nut free, and made in an OU Kosher Certified facility.

Cookie Dunker Lets You Dunk Cookies The Way They Were Meant To Be Dunked
Technabob, April 4, 2013
      I've been dunking my cookies ever since Oreo launched their Twist, Lick, and Dunk campaign. Suffice to say, I've encountered a number of problems in the dunking process that you might have experienced yourself. For example, spilled milk. When you're dunking in a full glass of milk, there's bound to be some spillage. Then there's the opposite problem of too little milk left. You have to tilt the glass and push your hands as far into the glass as you can to dunk your cookie. Not a very pleasant experience. So for these and all your other cookie dunking woes, there's the Cookie Dunker.

Just In Time For Summer! Margarita Moon Pie Takes $25,000 Grand Prize In Annual Scharffen Berger Chocolate Recipe Contest
Sacramento Bee, April 2, 2013
      Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker today announces the winners of The Chocolate Adventure Contest 2012—Sandwich Cookie Edition. As part of the contest, bakers of all skill levels were invited to develop an original sandwich cookie recipe using Scharffen Berger® Chocolate and at least one of twelve pre-determined "Adventure Ingredients." Home baker Merry Graham from Santa Clarita, Calif. claimed the $25,000 Grand Prize for her original Margarita Moon Pie recipe — a nostalgic yet refreshing, modern-day approach to a favorite childhood dessert.

Jennifer Hudson: Cookies Can't Do Any Harm If I Share Them!
People, April 1, 2013
      For Jennifer Hudson sharing is caring — for her body, that is. The Oscar and Grammy winner, who has lost 80 lbs. since 2010, has found a healthy (and friendly!) way to indulge her cravings. "I had these butter cookies at Starbucks the other day [and] I said to everyone I was with, 'Do you want a cookie?' That way it can't do any harm if we share it," Hudson, 31 told PEOPLE at Weight Watchers' 50th anniversary celebration in N.Y.C. "You have your portion and share the rest."

Dunking Science: Do Cookies Really Taste Better Dipped In Tea?
NPR, March 21, 2013
      Brits and Americans may have split less than amicably a couple of centuries ago, but we can still find cultural common ground when it comes to life's pleasures: The Beatles, Downton Abbey and dunking cookies. Of course, the Brits call them "biscuits" and dip primarily in tea, while we are more promiscuous and are willing to plunge our treats into coffee, hot chocolate or even milk. But does immersing a cookie into a warm beverage really make it taste better? And if so, why?

Woman Fired For Selling Girl Scout Cookies
UPI, March 20, 2013
      A Washington, D.C., woman said she was fired from her food services job at American University for selling her daughter's Girl Scout cookies while on the job. Tracy Lewis said she had been selling the cookies for the past three years of the 28 years she worked on the campus, most recently at the Eagle's Nest convenience store. "I had the cookies on a cart, and I would never ask anyone to buy them," Lewis said. "But, If they wanted to buy some, I would sell them." In a letter from the Bon Appetit Management Co., her manager accused her of "gross misconduct by soliciting," and "operating a cash business selling Girl Scout cookies over the counter, which violates company policy," WTTG-TV, Washington, reported Friday.

Chicken-Flavored Cookies: The Taste We've All Been Waiting For?
Eats Blog - Dallas News, March 19, 2013
      Yes, you read that right: chicken-flavored cookies. I found them at Asia World Market, on Legacy Drive in Plano. At $2.50, who could resist? Only one or two colleagues around the newsroom, it turns out. One had a good excuse: He doesn't do well with sugar. Not that there was much sugar in them, fortunately. Who knows what was in them: The peanuts and sesame they contained wasn't mentioned on the label; nor was chicken. Here's what my co-workers thought…

Hundreds Turn Out To Buy Girl Scout Cookies After Order Hoax
KATU.com, March 16, 2013
      Two Girl Scout troops who were victims of a cookie order hoax will likely get to attend summer camp after all, thanks to hundreds of people who bought their cookies on Saturday. A Hillsboro company ordered 6,000 boxes of cookies, but the order turned out to be a $24,000 hoax. A troop parent said a co-worker approached her to set up a large corporate order. The parent said she then exchanged many emails with someone claiming to be from the company, but when it was time to collect the money, she said she found out it was fake, and the co-worker confessed to the hoax. That left the troops with 6,000 unsold boxes of cookies, and not enough cookie credits to go to camp this summer.

Girl Scouts Go Mobile To Sell Cookies
SF Gate, March 16, 2013
      What's next: A merit badge in venture capital? As if the temptation of Thin Mints, the whole cute kid in a uniform thing, and pushy parents weren't enough, Girl Scouts around the Bay Area and the country have added a new weapon to their annual cookie-selling campaign: mobile payment. Yes, for an increasing number of troops, using a smartphone and mobile technology like Square's credit card reader or Intuit's GoPayment to sell their Tagalongs and Samoas is becoming standard procedure. Molly Robison, a 9-year-old Brownie in San Jose, added even more tech tools for her visits to the offices of parents and friends, and sold 150 boxes. "If I didn't have (my) PowerPoint presentation and Square, I would have only sold 15," she said. Is tech really changing the Girl Scout cookie game?

Pope Francis Cookies: A Bronx Bakery's Papal Pastries Selling Like Hot Cakes
International Business Times, March 15, 2013
      Artuso Pastry, an Italian bakery in the Bronx, New York, is celebrating the election of Pope Francis with freshly baked cookies. The Pope Francis pastries are a huge hit for the bakery. Artuso Pastry, on East 187 Street in the New York City borough, has been family-run since 1946. The popular Italian bakery's founder, Vincent F. Artuso, even has a street named after him in the Bronx. In 2008, Artuso Pastry sold cookies featuring Pope Benedcit XVI's image when the pope toured New York.

How To Save Calories On Your Next Batch Of Cookies
FitSugar, March 14, 2013
      When you're in the mood for something sweet and homemade, nothing beats a batch of warm cookies straight out of the oven. It's a cookie crime if you don't devour a couple while they're cooling on the rack, and if the rest make it to the cookie jar, you'll have a hard time walking by it without grabbing a few more. At 100 to 300 calories per cookie, those calories can really add up, which isn't great news if you're trying to watch your weight. But it is possible to bake your cookies and eat them too. Here are some ways you can save calories on that next batch.

Resume With A Side Of Cookies: Standing Out In The Job Market
Today, March 11, 2013
      With more than 12 million Americans unemployed, job candidates are struggling to stand out – so much that some are going to extreme lengths to present creative -- and sometimes outlandish -- resumes. For some employers, resumes with flair have the desired effect. Ada Famulari, who runs the internship program at the TODAY Show, said she sees hundreds of resumes throughout the year – when a fat envelope stuffed with cookies arrived on her desk, it was at the top of the pile. "It bypassed my pile of resumes," Famulari said. "I opened up the envelope and found a resume for an internship. And I thought, 'Wow. You know it could have taken me a week to get to that resume but it moved to the front immediately.' "

Honey Boo Boo's Mom Responds To Girl Scout Cookies Ban
Yahoo!, February 28, 2013
      The Girl Scouts of the USA better redneck-ognize! Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson has been shut down by the organization after she was hawking signed boxes of their infamous Girl Scout Cookies on her Facebook page in an effort to help her local troop. Whatever happened to just standing outside the grocery store?

Bonsai Cookies By Risa Hirai At Gallery Tokyo Humanity
Design Boom, February 24, 2013
      Risa Hirai is a student at Tokyo's Tama Art University who makes miniature models of food and bonsai gardens. Hirai creates mini scenes of nature using food as her palette.

Easy Hamentashen Cookies Recipe For Purim That Bursts With Sweet, Buttery Flavor
The Stir, February 23, 2013
      Purim is my favorite of the Jewish holidays for many reasons. The first is because it is the Jewish Halloween, which - let's face it - is pretty cool. But the second, not so distant one, is Hamentashen. Oh yes. Delish. These little cookies are made to look like Hamen's hat, but taste like a million little bursts of goodness on your tongue.

Fortune Cookies Lose Their Romance After Complaints From Parents
New York Post, February 11, 2013
      Romance is dead - in your fortune cookie! The world's largest fortune-cookie manufacturer has cut the heart out of its confections, removing romantic messages in response to complaints from parents of young children. "Some parents sent us e-mails. They said they didn't want their kids reading them," said Derrick Wong, a VP at Brooklyn-based Wonton Food. "Different people have a different perspective." Gone are suggestive fortunes such as, "One who admires you greatly is hidden before your eyes," "Romance and travel go together," "The evening promises romantic interest," and "A romantic mystery will soon add interest to your life." If the company gets more than two or three complaints about a fortune, they'll screen it out.

Chocolate Oatmeal Cream Pie Football Cookies Will Sweeten Up Any Super Bowl Gathering
The Stir, January 31, 2013
      With all of the wings, dips, chili, and other hearty foods that seem to go hand-in-hand with Super Bowl Sunday, people often forget about dessert when it comes to this big food day. So consider switching things up by makeing something sweet this year to bring to your party. These chocolate oatmeal cream pie football cookies are just the treat to impress a football crowd, or any crowd for that matter.

Capitalizing On Cookies
The Barnstable Patriot, January 31, 2013
      When Carrie-Lee and Matthew Touhey went on one of their first dates, they wasted no time before talking shop; their very own bake shop, with homemade cookies at its heart. If the chocolate chips fall in the Touheys' favor, that shop might just open this summer on Main Street in Hyannis. The couple is currently getting a boost from their new cookie kiosk at the Cape Cod Mall where shoppers can purchase a number of creative cookie varieties, all made from the Touheys' sweet and sometimes surprising recipes.

Mango Creme Girl Scout Cookies Boast Questionable 'NutriFusion' Ingredient
Huffington Post, January 14, 2013
      Girl Scout cookie season is something thousands of cookie-lovers look forward to every year, despite the controversy the organization has met in recent years for using ingredients like palm oil. Likewise, when the Girl Scouts introduce a new cookie (or candy bar!), there's a fair amount of intrigue. For the 2013 season, the Girl Scouts have introduced Mango Creme cookies, which at first glance looks like a nice addition to their repertoire. The cookie sandwich features a mango-flavored filling amongst vanilla and coconut cookie shells. The full title of the cookie is actually "Mango Cremes With Nutrifusion™." What is Nutrifusion™, you wonder?

5 Low-Carb Girl Scout Cookies Recipes
Your Lighter Side, January 11, 2013
      Unleash the hounds! The time of year is upon us. As those cute little girls in their uniforms spill out across America, tempting you with their adorable dimples and their sweet wares in the form of boxed crack: Girl Scout Cookies, those all-too familiar New Year's Resolutions crumble like the Dos-Di-Do's spilling down your shirt in a calvalcade of crunching madness. Thankfully, there's no need to cave. Give a donation to the Girl Scouts and try these five sugar-free, gluten-free cookie recipes instead.

Mango Fruit Cookie Newset Addition To Girl Scout Treats
Joplin Globe, January 4, 2013
      Just when you thought the flow of holiday sweets was winding down, Girl Scouts nationwide are preparing to go door-to-door with their highly anticipated cookies. Luckily, the newest cookie to hit Joplin's doorsteps - a taste of Southeast Asia called the Mango Crème - is the organization's first-ever nutrient-filled treat. "I think people who eat their favorite (Girl Scout) cookies do it as an indulgence," said Lisa Nelson, a Girl Scout volunteer. "But it's always good to have… increasingly nutritious and delicious cookies."

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