Monthly Cookie Contest Giveaway - March 2013

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Contest Deadline: Sunday, March 31, 2013  No Longer Accepting Entries

Everybody loves cookies and everyone has their favorite recipe.

Do you have a favorite bar, cookie or brownie recipe that you make again and again?

Perhaps it's a secret recipe that's been handed down through the generations and you've never tasted anything else like it?

Or maybe your a little more adventurous and prefer to make up your own creative combinations with your favorite flavors and ingredients.

No matter what you prefer to make, why not share your special treat with the whole world and enter our contest? Who knows, you might just win!

One (1) Grand Prize Winner of a $25 Amazon Gift Card will be chosen at random:

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We're looking to gather all the best brownie, bar and cookie recipes here on our site - Best Ever Cookie Collection.

Our monthly cookie contest is open to cookies of all types: cut-out cookies, bars and squares, refrigerator cookies, drop cookies, sandwich cookies, biscotti, shaped cookies, no-bake cookies, brownies, etc.

Requirements for Valid Contest Submissions

  • At least one quality photo of your cookies, brownies or bars.
  • A brief description that talks about an something interesting, such as your mixing or baking technique or how your recipe originated or how you modified a favorite recipe to make it even better. Think outside the cookie jar and write up a fun and interesting story for your submission.

Please read our Official Contest Rules for all necessary information.

Good Luck - We can't wait to see all the great recipes!

Your Cookie Contest Entries for March 2013

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Chocolate Easter Egg Nests Not rated yet
Here's a fun, quick sweet no-bake cookie treat perfect for Easter. With just 3 ingredients, these Chocolate Easter Egg Nests come together in minutes. …

Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies Not rated yet
Is it a brownie? Or is it a cookie? These yummy treats are little of each. What could be better than brownies, baked as chocolate chip cookies? Nothing …

Granola Apple Nut Cookies Not rated yet
This was my favorite cookie growing up and I would always help my mom bake them. Oh, the memories. The recipe includes a glaze to be drizzled on top, but …

Dark Chocolate Walnut Squares Not rated yet
This is recipe that I recently discovered this past Christmas for Walnut Crumb Bars with Dark Chocolate Chips. And they quickly became my favorite treat …

Sweet and Salty Chocolate Chip Cookies Not rated yet
Every one who tries these yummy cookies can't get enough. It's easy to understand why when you see what's in them. I mean what could be better than chocolate …

Reeses Pieces Blondies Not rated yet
This is a fun recipe with a slightly unusual take on the ever-popular chocolate and peanut butter flavor combination. You'll be creating a wonderfully …

Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Sandwich Cookies Not rated yet
Quite honestly, this is one of the simplest cookie recipes I have ever made. And the best part is that my children, Toby and Sarah, love to help! It's …

Kitchen Sink Chocolate Chewy Brownies Not rated yet
If you really want to get creative with this easy chocolate brownie recipe, you can drizzle white chocolate over the top, use crushed pretzels instead …

Butterscotch Cookies with Browned Butter Frosting Not rated yet
These cookies are fancy looking, but relatively easy to make. You can even make and bake the cookies ahead of time (can be frozen for up to 3 months) before …

Simple Date Walnut Bars Not rated yet
These chewy date nut bars are the simplest cookie bar I've ever made. With only six ingredients, you may already have everything you need to make these …

Shirley's Honey Carrot Chews Not rated yet
I've loved these Honey Carrot Cookies from the very first time I made them. It's an easy recipe to make and who doesn't love the homey flavors of vanilla, …

Lemon Walnut Cookie Brittle Not rated yet
If you're as tired of winter as I am, then this might be the perfect spring/summer cookie recipe to help cheer you up and give you something to look forward …

Chocolate Graham Pudding Sandwiches Not rated yet
This is one of those super-easy recipes that my Mom made for me growing up and now I make for my children. I am not exactly sure where it came from, but …

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