Monthly Cookie Contest Giveaway - February 2013

Do You Have The Best Cookie, Bar or Brownie Recipe?

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Contest Deadline: Thursday, February 28, 2013 - No Longer Accepting Entries

Everybody loves cookies and everyone has their favorite recipe.

Do you have a favorite bar, cookie or brownie recipe that you make again and again?

Perhaps it's a secret recipe that's been handed down through the generations and you've never tasted anything else like it?

Or maybe your a little more adventurous and prefer to make up your own creative combinations with your favorite flavors and ingredients.

No matter what you prefer to make, why not share your special treat with the whole world and enter our contest? Who knows, you might just win!

One (1) Grand Prize Winner of a $25 Amazon Gift Card will be chosen at random:

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We're looking to gather all the best brownie, bar and cookie recipes here on our site - Best Ever Cookie Collection.

Our monthly cookie contest is open to cookies of all types: cut-out cookies, bars and squares, refrigerator cookies, drop cookies, sandwich cookies, biscotti, shaped cookies, no-bake cookies, brownies, etc.

Requirements for Valid Contest Submissions

  • At least one quality photo of your cookies, brownies or bars.
  • A brief description that talks about an something interesting, such as your mixing or baking technique or how your recipe originated or how you modified a favorite recipe to make it even better. Think outside the cookie jar and write up a fun and interesting story for your submission.

Please read our Official Contest Rules for all necessary information.

Good Luck - We can't wait to see all the great recipes!

Your Cookie Contest Entries for February 2013

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Fudge Marble Peanut Butter Pinwheels 
This is one of my favorite easy cookie recipes to make! Not only do I love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter, but they're so easy to assemble …

Soft Peanut Butter Pudding Cookies 
These peanut butter cookies always turn out soft and chewy with a unique flavor accent, thanks in part to the addition of instant vanilla pudding mix. …

Cindy's Chocolate Snaps Not rated yet
This is a favorite cookie of mine because it's a combination of two of my favorites: crispy snaps and chocolate! I love traditional ginger snaps, but sometimes …

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Crumble Bars Not rated yet
What do you get when you layer delicious creamy peanut butter between layers of oatmeal and then topped with chocolate chips? These delicious and easy-to-make …

M&M Crunch Brownies Not rated yet
Here's a unique recipe for brownies that's a fun departure from your normal, everyday brownie recipe. What makes this so special is the crunch on top. …

Double Chocolate Coco-Oat Chews Not rated yet
This is one of my favorite easy cookie recipes - I simply refer to it as "old reliable"! I mean what could be easier than whipping up a batch of decadent …

Crispy Cereal Squares Surprise Not rated yet
Do you love Rice Krispies Treats? But looking to put a new spin on an old classic? I think you're going to fall in love with this recipe - and so will …

Chocolate Frosted Fruit Bars Not rated yet
My favorite thing about this recipe - other than how tasty these bars always come out - is the possibility to always make them different. This version …

Lemon Meringue Bars Not rated yet
I was inspired to make this recipe after reading about the Raspberry Meringue Kisses - which sound delightful! Many people are intimidated by meringue, …

Frosted Aloha Cookies Not rated yet
This is my favorite cookie from my childhood. I remember my Mom used to make them every year, just around the time school let out for the summer. Now, …

Pistachio Pecan Cookies Not rated yet
This is a simple for Pistachio Pecan Cookies and it's especially fun to make with the kids. My children always want to add the green food coloring and …

Simple S'more Squares Not rated yet
This is a favorite recipe of my son and daughter. They both love S'mores and can't get enough Cool Whip! It's really simple too and doesn't require …

Five C's Cookies (Chocolate Chip Caramel Crunch Cookies) Not rated yet
These cookies came out of need for a cookie that could be regular or sugar-free and a all-time favorite with everyone. My good friend, who at the time …

Raspberry Meringue Kisses Not rated yet
These are fun little cookies to make for Valentine's Day, since they are such a beautiful pink color, which is exactly what I am doing this year. I've …

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