Collegeville Italian Bakery & Market, in Collegeville, PA

by PJ Cimorelli
(Quakertown, PA, USA)

The Best Cookies around!

The Best Cookies around!

We came across this bakery while driving around. And my hubby mentioned. I bet they have the best Italian Bread & lunch meats, sandwiches, hoagies & tomato pie.

So we stopped.

WOW! I was more than surprised.

The hubby said: Now this is like when I was a boy going to the Italian Bakery for goodies.

He was like a kid in a candy shop. The Breads, meats, the Cheeses.

They bake all their things FRESH from scratch!

Your eyes & mouth drool over the home made pastries & Italian Rum Cakes.

I my self have so many allergies and can't eat baked cookies for some reason, I get an instant headache.

BUT! When I tried these cookies NO HEADACHE!!

Wella! So now we travel 1/2 hour each Saturday or Sunday to get Italian Bread, Italian lunch meats, and the PASTRIES. OMG! Sinful...

They also do catering for parties & all other events. So my next move is to try a cake.

See ya next Saturday Collegeville Bakery! Chou!

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