Valentine Cookies Recipes and Gift Ideas

Valentine cookies may be the perfect gift for your sweetheart(s) on Valentine's Day.

Have you been wondering what to give your loved ones for Valentine's Day?

How about homemade cookies?

Homemade cookies are as sweet, delectable and thoughtful as a box of store-bought chocolates ever could be.

They are a wonderful way to show how much you care.

Maybe you're wondering what kind of Valentines cookies you should make?

While chocolate cookies is one obvious choice, there are lots of other great and easy recipes - both chocolate and not - that will turn out well.

If you are going to be transporting them, you will want to choose a cookie that's more sturdy and not too fragile.

Here are some ideas from Hershey's Kitchens for what kinds of cookies to make and how to package them:

Here we've assembled our favorite assortment of tried-and-true recipes for cookies, brownies and bars - all for you!

Valentine's Day Cookie Cutter Cookies Recipes

What could be sweeter than heart-shaped sugar cookies?

Here are our best recipes for making cookie cutter or rolled cookies. With one of these recipes and a heart-shaped cookie cutter, you'll be baking and decorating in no time.

Heart-Shaped Valentine Cookies

Heart-Shaped Valentine Cookies

Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutter Sugar Cookies
We've got two wonderful recipes to choose from - one with butter and one without.

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies
A quick and easy to roll dough for chocolate cookie lovers everywhere.

Confectioners' Sugar Cookies
Another easy, tried-and-true crisp and delicious recipe for sugar cookies that has stood the test of time.

Soft Molasses Cookies
A bit of an untraditional recipe for Valentine's cookies, but the perfect choice for those who prefer soft, old-fashioned cookies with a hint of spice.

Need some cookie decorating ideas?

Here's a great video with lots of ways to decorate your cut-out Valentine sugar cookies:

Valentines Brownie and Cookie Bar Recipes

Brownies and cookie bars are a deliciously quick and easy way to show that you care.

Here are our favorite winning recipes, in a variety of flavors, with lots of chocolate choices!

Caramel Brownies
Deliciously decadent brownies to share with your sweetie.

Chocolate Cherry Walnut Bars
Who can resist the winning flavor combination of cherries and chocolate in this perfect Valentine's Day treat?

Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Cranberry Bars
Another favorite combination of flavors and textures to win your sweetheart's devotion.

Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies
A deliciously easy, yet impressive, recipe that begins with a box of brownie mix.

Outrageous Oreo Brownies
Rich chocolate brownies studded with chopped Oreos.

Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies
Bittersweet and unsweetened chocolate meet up to make these brownies the perfect base for the raspberry cheesecake topping.

Raspberry Chocolate Chip Bars
My favorite two flavors combined into rich and decadent bar cookies. We think you'll find them hard to resist too!

Easy Drop and Shaped Cookie Recipes for your Valentine

Give everyone on your Valentine's List a little cellophane bag of homemade cookies tied with pink, red and white curly ribbon and watch them melt with joy.

Cherry Almond Drops
Quick and easy 3-ingredient cookies that begin with a package of refrigerated cookie dough.

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies with Coconut and Macadamia Nuts
You will please everyone with these simply sensational cookies.

Coconut Kisses
Little coconut macaroons topped with a Hersheys Chocolate Kiss are perfect for Valentine's Day.

Chocolate Whoopie Pies
A simple treat to delight the chocolate lovers on your list. To make them extra special, be sure to bake them in this Heart-Shaped Whoopie Pie Pan!

Easy Chocolate Chip Kisses
Another easy cookie recipe that begins with refrigerated cookie dough and is topped with a chocolate kiss.

Fudgy Brownie Cookies
Perfect fudgy deliciousness for when you can't decide between cookies and brownies.

Valentines M&M Cookies
Basically chocolate chip cookies, but instead of chocolate chips you can substitute your favorite M&M's - be sure to use pink, red and white for your Valentines.

Mexican Wedding Cookies
Sweet, buttery, crumbly sugar coated cookies that are sure to bring a smile.

Peanut Butter Blossoms
The classic peanut butter cookie topped with a chocolate kiss.

Strawberry Shortcake Cookies
The perfect color for Valentines, these soft cake-like cookies are a nice change of pace from richer sweets.

Easy No-Bake Valentine Cookie Recipes

Part cookie, part candy, no-bake cookies make a great sweet treat for Valentine's Day.

Chocolate Cherry Clusters
Simple and delicious, these 3-ingredient crispy, chewy sweet treats are easy to make, yet look very impressive.

No Bake Chocolate Marshmallow Bars
Rich and chewy, crisp and gooey is one way to describe these delicious no bake chocolate cookies. These have been a favorite ever since the first time we made them as kids.

No Bake Chocolate Boiled Cookies
Another classic tried-and-true best-loved recipe that has withstood the test of time.

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