Favorite Delicious Brownies Recipes

Our collection of favorite brownies recipes is sure to satisfy brownie lovers everywhere!

What makes brownies such a universal favorite?

They are the most popular type of bar cookies bar none.

Is it their rich chocolaty flavor?

Their deliciously satisfying texture?

The ease with which they can be put together?

Do they tap into childhood memories?

We'd guess, all of the above.

There are probably as many styles of brownies as there are brownie lovers - fudgy, chewy, cakey, dense, and gooey - to name just a few.

Brownies can range from simple and straightforward to over-the-top outrageous.

Our collection of brownies recipes covers all the popular flavors, types, and styles so there is something for everyone here.

Simple chocolate brownies were one of the first things my brother, Pete learned to make. Back then, not more than ten years old, using a box mix, he quickly mastered turning out the perfect fudgy treat every time.

My mother, whose brownie baking attempts often were either undone or overdone, still shakes her head in amazement at his innate ability to get them 'just right' every time.

Ganache Topped Brownies

Ganache Topped Brownies

While there's nothing terribly wrong with the treats made from a box, those you make from scratch are so much better and with little more effort. They're free of the artificial flavors; chemicals and hydrogenated fats that usually appear on the ingredient list of box mixes and can be more economical too.

But before we get to the Brownies Recipes, a little background.

The History Of Brownies

Where did brownies originate?

Are you interested in learning more about the history of brownies?

How To Make Brownies

Are you intimidated by the thought of making homemade brownies from scratch? Have you only made brownies from a box?

Have no fear - We are here with easy step-by-step instructions for how to make brownies from scratch

The perfect brownie pan for brownie lovers and chewy edge lovers everywhere! It's expensive but worth it if you really love to bake brownies. You can use it to bake quick breads, and bar cookies too!!

This nonstick edge brownie pan is a high quality nonstick pan constructed of heavy cast aluminum, so with proper care it will endure for years.

How many flimsy baking pans have you sent to the trash in your lifetime?

The one caveat to this pan is that it takes a bit more effort (1-2) minutes to fill and spread the batter into the pan's channels but we think its totally worth a couple of extra minutes for delicious evenly cooked brownies with lots of edges.

Storing Brownies

You can store brownies in the baking pan covered tightly with plastic wrap or foil, or place them in an airtight container.

Perishable brownies, such as those with cream cheese, should be stored in the refrigerator.

To freeze brownies, double wrap them, first in plastic wrap, then in foil, and place them in a plastic freezer bag.

Favorite Brownies Recipes

So here are some of our favorite brownies recipes, covering all the texture categories - fudgy, chewy, and cake-style. What style of brownies do you like best?

If you are not sure, why not whip up a batch of brownies today and let the experiments begin? You can call it a tasty experiment in the name of cooking science.


What's Your Favorite Easy Brownies Recipe?

Who doesn't love homemade brownies?

Whether from scratch or from a box, fresh baked homemade brownies are simply decadent!

Chocolate, Butterscotch, Blondie, with nuts or without - what's your favorite easy brownie recipe?

Your Favorite Easy Brownies Recipes

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Roxanne's chocolate p-nut butter brownies 
I make a pan of brownies, then cut them in squares and frost with peanut butter frosting (1/3 peanut butter mixed with 2/3 white can frosting). After frosting …

Emma's Strawberry Summer Brownies 
Ingredients • 1 egg • 1 cup melted butter, cooled • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract or almond extract • 1 pound fresh strawberries • 1 cup sugar • …

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