Tips For Cutting Brownies

Do you run into trouble Cutting Brownies?

Do you end up with uneven brownies?

Do your brownies stick to the knife?

Sometimes it takes experimentation with different brownie cutting methods to determine what works best for you.

There are lots of variables - consistency of brownies, size of pan, type of cutting instrument - to consider.

Here is a list of tried and true tips to help make cutting brownies easier:

  • If you want even brownies it's best to line the baking pan with foil so the slab of brownies can be removed from the pan easily allowing you to cut your brownies evenly. When the pan is cool enough to handle, lift out the whole brownie using the foil "handles" to help.
  • One secret to cutting brownies is to place them in the freezer for a few minutes before beginning. It's usually easier to cut brownies that are completely cooled.
  • To make cutting easier, score the bars with a knife as soon as they come out of the oven, using a ruler as a guide.
  • Move the knife across the pan in an up and down sawing motion from one end to the other until they are cut.
  • Try using a sturdy plastic knife when cutting your brownies. For some reason the brownies don't seem to stick to the plastic like they do to metal.
  • Try using a large pizza cutter instead of a knife for neat cuts with no crumbs.

So, there you have it. Several strategies for How To Cut Brownies easily and evenly.

And if for some reason, your brownies fail to turn out just right, don't worry about it. If they still taste good, enjoy them as brownie crumbles or use them as the base for a brownie crusted pie or chocolate brownie trifle!

Remember, brownies were most likely invented by a cook who failed to add the baking powder or baking soda to her chocolate cake, resulting in a dense chocolate creation that became a world wide sensation!

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