Cookie News - Archive 2010

Writing Our History in Cookies
CBSNews.com, December 19, 2010
     A cookbook tracks the evolution of the cookie during the 68-year history of Gourmet Magazine

The Perfect 10: L.A. Times Holiday Cookie Bake-Off Winners
LATimes.com, December 16, 2010
     Readers submitted more than 350 cookie recipes and cast nearly 80,000 votes for their favorites. Then we tested and tasted them. Here are the top 10.

A $15,000 Gingerbread House?
LemonDrop.com, October 8, 2010
     Not sure what to get your kids for Christmas this year? Never fear, the Neiman Marcus catalog is here. What better way to tell a child that they're the most important person in the world than to buy them a $15,000 gingerbread house?

Cookie Cutter Convention Breaks The Mold
SFGate.com, July 1, 2010
     In order to make room for their cutters and molds, many cookie cutter collectors have built custom pantries, hundreds of shelves and have even added on rooms. Moorhouse has a whole enclosed porch dedicated to storing her collection.

In Celebration of New Strawberry Milano Cookies, Pepperidge Farm Invites Consumers to Share Their Favorite "Milano Moments" Online
BusinessWire.com, July 1, 2010
     Pepperidge Farm Introduces New Milano Variety and Launches Virtual Community for the Cookie's Most Passionate Fans.

Whoopie Pies Becoming A West Coast Sensation
Seattlepi.com, June 30, 2010
     Not too long ago I was eating at Bruno's in San Francisco with a couple of pals. For dessert we ordered whoopie pies. None of us really knew what a whoopie pie was, but the name sounded too fun to pass up.

Cookie Dreams - The Snack-Caste System
HattiesburgAmerican.com, May 31, 2010
     A friend of mine dreamt that she could plug an Ethernet cable into a chocolate chip cookie and hear what was going on inside of the cookie's mind. What a great dream. I'd love to dive inside the mind of a chocolate chip cookie.

Cookie Bar To Be 'World First' For New Zealand
Opodo.co.uk, May 10, 2010
     A cookie bar due to open in Queenstown, New Zealand this month will be the first establishment of its kind in the world, according to the company behind the development.

Stop the Crumbs With The Cookie Safe
InventorSpot.com, March 2010
     If you are sick of opening a package full of cracker crumbs or a squished granola bar while your child is wailing in the background, then the Cookie Safe may be the solution.

Antiques & Collectibles: Cookie Cutters Rekindle Memories Of A Simpler Time
Post-Bulletin.com, March 29, 2010
     You reach into a kitchen drawer and discover a flat-tin cookie cutter given to you many years earlier as a gift from your grandmother's collection - memories come flooding back and you vividly recall baking cookies with your grandmother.

Amnesty Cookies
DavidLebovitz.com, March 6, 2010
     "Compost Cookies" include anything you wish to dump in, from left-over butterscotch chips to Fritos.

Baker Cooks Up Resume Cookies, Biz Card Treats
BostonHerald.com, March 3, 2010
     Pastry chef Kelly Delaney uses food coloring ink on edible sugar paper and embeds your career highlights into an 8-by-11-inch iced sugar dough cookie.

Put Girl Scout Cookies To Work In Recipes For Dinner Or Dessert
JournalStar.com, March 2, 2010
     Before you assume Girl Scout cookies are just for snacks, take a look at some grown-up recipes using the cookies.

Whoopie Pies Make A Comeback As Build-'Em-Yourself Party Treats
Star-Telegram.com, February 2, 2010
     Want to be the life of the next party? Get busy making whoopie pies!

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