Cookie News - Archive 2011

Baking With Sweet Alternatives
NPR, December 28, 2011
      My forays into baking with alternatives to sugar began with a jar of honey my soon-to-be-sister-in-law Emily gave me when I visited the Maine farm where she an my brother lived. She told me it came from a local apiary, and if I couldn't take home some of the candy-like and perfect beets grown in the adjacent field, at least I could take honey.

Cookie Man Bakes Himself A Niche At Larkin Street
San Francisco Chronicle, December 24, 2011
      Every Thursday morning Roy Francies goes to his garage freezer, where he keeps nothing but cookie dough, 28 pounds of it. Counting out 68 pre-shaped cookies, the exact number he can cram onto four baking sheets, he waps them in newspaper, puts the package in a tote bag and jumps on BART in Pleasanton. His destination is Larking Street Youth Services in San Francisco, where he goes straight to the oven in back and sets to baking triple chocolate, oatmeal raisin and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

Make Your Favorite Sugar Cookie Recipe Healthier
Mother Nature Network, December 23, 2011
      For many of us, sugar cookies play an important part in the upcoming Christmas celebration. Whether you are in the crispy, thin sugar cookie camp, or the cake-like, chewy, sugar cookie camp, they are certainly worthy to enjoy on Christmas day. But what if you wanted to make your favorite recipe just a little bit healthier?

Christmas Cookies Teach Life Lessons, Hope
CNN, December 22, 2011
      The day after Thanksgiving, our bellies full of all the turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce two slices of toasted bread can hold, I turn to my husband, Dan, lying in bed, the newspaper halfheartedly dangling from his hands. "What are we going to do about those %$#*!-ing Christmas cookies?" I ask. Dan groans, If I had any mercy for my husband, I wouldn't let this question linger in the air. But I let it hand there because, as crazy-making as they are to bake, these cookies remind me of six crucial things about the holidays.

Learn About Yoga From 10 Gingerbread Cookies
Bit Rebels, December 22, 2011
      If you are like me, and if you are considering venturing into the world of yoga, you might be surprised at what you can learn from these 10 gingerbread men. The yoga poses that these delicious little guys are in include down dog, wheel, savasana, spinal twist, warrior I, plow, tree, triangle, warrior III and lotus.

Cookie Baking Keeps Holiday Spirits From Crumbling
Chicago Sun-Times, December 15, 2011
      Holiday bakers, pre-heat your ovens! More cookies will be baked this week than during any other time of the year. And most of those treats will be given away.

Cookie Exchanges Enrich Holidays, Friendships
HomeTownLife.com, December 15, 2011
      Cookie exchanges trace their origins as far back as the 1880s and began as a way for women to socialize with others in their community. As women sought an opportunity to be social and share favorite recipes, their popularity grew. In many circles, cookie exchanges have become a much anticipated holiday event with both formal and informal settings.

For The Best Bar Cookies, Stir In Your Favorite Flavors
St. Louis Today, December 13, 2011
      Monkey around with a souffle or a petit four, and you're asking for trouble. But brownies - and their freewheeling cousins, the blondie and bar - are a whole different matter. Let's play, they say.

A Food Pyramid Made Of Cookies
Boston Globe, December 11, 2011
      Harvard scientists build a 3D map of brownies, scones, and other baked goods. To most people, recipes are simple sets of instructions: steps that, if followed, will yield a delicious product. To Michael Brenner, an applied mathematician at Harvard University, recipes are a largely unexplored scientific resource - a kind of collective experiment that home cooks have been running since the baking of the first primordial brownies and cookies.

Nostalgia Rules In Cookie Ad
Sydney Morning Herald, December 11, 2011
      A TV commercial shown during a children's show, which depicts youngsters sharing Oreo cookies, was not aimed at children, the Advertising Standards Board ruled, because it was appealing to adults' sense of nostalgia.

Which Holiday Cookie Are You? Take Our Quiz
Washington Post, December 9, 2011
      Choosing what to bake during the holidays offers limitless possibilities. So how do you choose a new recipe to add to your time-tested classics? Take our quiz to see which type of holiday cookies suit you best (and find recipe suggestions), then flip through this season's cookie guide for even more suggestions.

The Surprising Ingredient In Raw Cookie Dough That Could Make You Sick
NPR, December 9, 2011
      Cookie dough may be one of the joys of the holiday season, but it's dangerous, at least for people who nibble it raw. That's the lesson from a new study of a 2009 outbreak of E. coli bacteria, which sickened 77 people, most of them teenage girls and children. The outbreak was traced back to eating raw Nestlé Toll House cookie dough. It was the first time that packaged cookie dough had ever caused an outbreak.

The Magic Of Swedish Gingerbread Cookies
Huffington Post, December 9, 2011
      The season of Advent is upon us. In Sweden, Advent is holy, not just because it represents a religious tradition, but more practically it celebrates and honors light. Every Sunday through Christmas a new candle is lit, until the four long candles in the Advent candlestick are burning in unison. And just as candles are an integral part of celebrating Advent, so are pepparkakor. Gingerbread cookies are the staple of Swedish Advent coffee gatherings and celebrations and the must-have baked good of the season.

Seminole Woman Finds Passion, Art In Decorating Cookies
Lubbock Avalanche Journal, December 7, 2011
      To say Callye Alvarado makes a lot of cookies is an understatement. And to call the three dozen to thousands of ornately designed sugar frosted treats she makes per week anything less than works of art probably would be an understatement as well.

Around The World In Cookies
Beacon News, December 7, 2011
      Holiday baking has its classic cookies, whether gingerbread or frosted sugar or chocolate chip. But while some traditions are not to be altered, holiday baking benefits from an infusion of new recipes each year, especially when they borrow from other cultures.

Holiday Cookie Emergency Guide
America's Test Kitchen, December 6, 2011
      Run into a snag with your holiday cookie baking? These 5 lifesaving tips from America's Test Kitchen just might help. They've covered everything from what to do if you don't have enough baking sheets for your marathon baking session to offering some advice if the tops or bottoms of your cookies came out burnt.

$60,000 Worth Of Fundraising In 24 Years, All From Christmas Cookies
Press-Citizen, December 6, 2011
      When First Presbyterian Church in Iowa City hosted its first cookie walk 25 years ago, Mary Ann Clemons said it was on the "cutting edge." "It was so successful, the woman who was the chairman at the time got phone calls and letters from all over Eastern Iowa, wanting to know what a cookie walk was all about. She told everyone about it, and that's how it got started."

For Better Cookies, Use Cold Butter
Chicago Sun-Times, December 6, 2011
      Here's a tip to baking up better cookies, use cold butter. Room-temperature butter - called for in nearly every cookie recipe - results in flatter cookies, say Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough, authors of Lobsters Scream When You Boil Them and 100 Other Myths About Food and Cooking.

Watch Avril Lavigne Decorate Holiday Christmas Cookies

Marine Thanks Scouts For Morale-Boosting Cookies
Northwest Herald, December 5, 2011
      Marine Cpl. Nathaniel Lieb remembers the "good-size" package that arrived sometime in the spring of 2009, just a few months into his tour of duty in Al Asad, Iraq. "My name was on it," said Lieb, of Wonder Lake. "It always brightens up the day when you get Girl Scout cookies," he said.

Cookie Cutters Create Holiday Memories
Lancaster Farming, December 3, 2011
      Many people have cookie cutters that have been in their families for years. It is their holiday tradition. But some people keep cookie cutters without any intent of even turning on the oven, because cookie cutters are highly collectible.

Craving Holiday Cookies
Cooking Channel TV, December 2, 2011
      From your favorite Cooking Channel chefs' recipes to the sweet treats of all-star celebrities, Cooking Channel has the holiday cookie recipes to keep you baking all season long. Here are the ones I'm adding to my December baking agenda (and you should, too).

10 Homemade Christmas Cookies You Can Mail
Huffington Post, December 2, 2011
      Mailing cookies to your favorite people is a surefire way to make them feel loved during the holiday season. But there's a catch, if you send the wrong kind of treats, your cookies might become stale by the time they arrive.

America's Top Baking Communities, Nestlé Toll House and Allrecipes.com, Join To Inspire Home Cooks To Bake And Share Cookies This Holiday Season
SF Gate, December 1, 2011
      Today, two of the biggest names in home baking, Allrecipes.com and Nestlé TollHouse®, kicked-off the second annual Cookies Across America campaign, a grass-roots program focused on leveraging the powerful reach of online community and social media channels to mobilize millions of home cooks to bake and share cookies with those in need this holiday season.

Lottery Sells Sugar Cookies For Students
Las Cruces Sun-News, November 30, 2011
      The New Mexico Lottery - a giant in state scholarship funding - is now selling cookies to help send students to college. The holiday special is six sugar cookies for a buck. The cookies - pictures of them, at least - are available at 1,100 retail stores around the state as part of the Scratchers lottery holiday $1 game tickets, which could net $1,000 in return.

Five Favorite Holiday Cookies From Around The World
Gadling, November 28, 2011
      I love a good old American iced sugar cookie as much as the next person. Yet there's a whole world of cookiedom out there, and the holidays are the best excuse to do a little experimenting.

10 Holiday Cookie Favorites
Chicago Tribune, November 28, 2011
      Dedicated to our favorite cookies of the holidays - which maybe store-bought or homemade, eaten only in December or year-round.

Apple Pie Cookies By The Seat Of My Pants
The Amateur Gourmet, November 28, 2011
      It's considered a hard and true fact in the food world that baking is a precise discipline and that cooking - sauteing, roasting, salad-making - is looser, freer, more of a vehicle for personal expression. Why dies that always have to be the case? Isn't it possible that, if you know a thing or two in the kitchen, you can whip up a batch of cookies with as much freedom and joie-de-vivre as you might enjoy while making an omelet? I decided to challenge the status quo by making a batch of cookies without following a recipe.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Principle
Corrections, November 28, 2011
      Sometimes, complexity is necessary. But too often we become bogged down in details, forsaking simplicity over an ornately conceived plan. This is well known in many circles as K.I.S.S. or "Keep It Simple, Stupid". This is the chocolate chip cookie principle. Years ago I attended a holiday party. In this snack area on one plate was a selection of cookies and right next to it was a common plate mounded with chocolate chip cookies.

The Kitchen Sink Cookie, The Chocolate Chip Cookie With Something Extra
Nashville Scene, November 28, 2011
      The kitchen sink cookie at Fido should be famous. I can't believe I don't hear strangers talking about it, you know, casually on the street, "Hey, how many kitchen sink cookies did you eat today? Just two? Are you not feeling well or something?" This cookie is good. I've never had one like it anywhere else.

Taste Of The Holidays: How To Host A Cookie And Candy Exchange
Grand Forks Herald, November 25, 2011
      A neighborly cookie and candy exchange saves you lots of time and there is less stress in the kitchen while giving you a chance to gather with family and friends. Hosting such an event is easier than you think with these streamlined tips that I've learned throughout the years.

Mayor Brings Cookies To NYPD, FDNY Near Ground Zero
ABC Local, November 24, 2011
      Mayor Michael Bloomberg began his day by giving thanks to New York City police and firefighters. "Thank you guys for keeping us safe," he said. He brought along some cookies, a sweet token of his appreciation.

Fox Valley Cooks: Baking Makes For Sweet Friendship
Chicago Sun-Times, November 22, 2011
      Aurora residents Dawn Saldano and Nadine Chambers both consider cookies to be the perfect dessert. "They are small enough so you can eat several without feeling guilty. They pack lots of flavors in a small size. They are easy to transport," Nadine begins. Dawn adds that cookies are great finger foods and look great when they are decorated.

Cookie Basics
The Guardian, November 23, 2011
      People are baking cookies. I guarantee it. Across P.E.I., people have started to bake cookies for Christmas. They'll take them to parties, wrap them and give them away and serve them to guests. Parents will try, with limited success, to hide them from children, so that there will be some left for the holidays. Dieters will try, with even less success, to hide them from themselves. Losing at these games of hide and seek will lead to even more cookie baking.

A Mom Who Bakes Cookies
Huffington Post, November 22, 2011
      "I wish you were the kind of mommy who baked cookies," my little girl said to me one day a few years back, while I was taking dinner out of the microwave.

Not Your Mother's Cookies: 10 Non-Traditional Cookie Recipes For Modern Holiday Baking
TreeHugger.com, November 21, 2011
      Sure, it's great to bring out all the old family favorite recipes for the holidays, but just because the dessert table is stocked with traditional sweets doesn't mean there isn't room for something new. Try these surprising - and delicious - combos (like bacon with fat and ginger, hazelnut with pepper, lemon with rosemary) and start a new tradition.

Mrs. Fields Near Ceding Control To Creditors
Bloomberg.com, November 18, 2011
      Mrs. Fields Famous Brands LLC may cede control to creditors including Carlyle Group LP and Z Capital Partners LLC by swapping debt for equity to avoid bankruptcy, said four people with knowledge of the plan. Debbi Fields opened her first cookie store in Palo Alto, California, in 1977 and began franchising in 1990, according to Mrs Fields's website. Capricorn Holdings, a Greenwich, Connecticut-based investments firm, bought Mrs. Fields in 1996 and merged the company with TCBY after acquiring the frozen-yogurt maker in 2000, according to Capricorn's website.

Company's Fortunes Rest On Cookies
Voice of America, November 16, 2011
      Immigrant success story is now a part of community. The rush begins in the morning at the Tsue Chong factory in Seattle, Washington's International District. Every day, dozens of cars pull up to stock up on the golden brown cookies a saying inside. The business was established in 1917 by Tim Louie's great-grandfather, who emigrated from China.

Vegan Holiday Cookies With Your Flavor Stamp
Chicago Tribune, November 16, 2011
      Of all the cookie recipes I bake, thumbprint cookies are the most versatile, visually appealing and just plain delicious. Best of all, one recipe can cater to varied taste buds - just fill the cookies with different jams.

Where The Cookies Never Hibernate
Pet Product News, November 15, 2011
      Canadian Rockies-located Mut Hut Pet Emporium entices customers in with its fresh-baked dog cookies and keeps them coming back with its dedication to quality products and services.

Cookies Are The New Currency To Help Spread Hope This Holiday Season
MarketWatch, November 14, 2011
      GLAD® asks Americans to exchange, sell and share one million cookies to benefit Cookies for Kids' Cancer

Fashion and Food: Band Of Outsiders Is Cookie-Crazed
LA Times, November 14, 2011
      "If you don't like cookies, you might not have a soul," reads the header of Scott Sternberg's cookie blog. Sternberg is the designer of the Los Angeles-based clothing company Band of Outsiders. When he's not dressing up celebrity friends in his label's latest getups, Sternberg likes to blog about cookie finds far and wide.

Can't Have Just One
The Boston Globe, November 13, 2011
      Delectable cookie recipes from the book From Our Grandmother's Kitchens by the editor's of Cook's Country magazine take a sweeping view of the culinary history of our grandmothers.

Two Fifth-Graders Sell Cookies To Heal Turkey's Broken Leg
NorthJersey.com, November 12, 2011
      Two of the town's youngest come to the aid of a hobbled turkey that has taken up residence along one of the area's busiest intersections. Washington Elementary School students Ava Adamo and Saray Levy decided they wanted to help fix the bird's injured leg. Last week they worked making turkey cookies in an effort to raise money for the bird's veterinary bills.

Lady Gaga Candy And Cookies For Christmas?
The Examiner, November 11, 2011
      Attention Lady Gaga fans, the Queen of Pop, will be having Christmas candy and cookies on offer as part of her Gaga Workshop at Barney's. Word has it that the entire fifth floor of the Barney's on Madison Avenue will be turn into Gaga's Workshop.

Perfectly Persian At Tabrizi Bakery
Public Radio Kitchen, November 10, 2011
      "Do you know the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld?" Mohammad asks us laughing. "Yes, he is Iranian, he is from Tabiz! Guess what they call me in New York? I am the Cookie Nazi!" But more seriously he adds, "My dad has one rule: don't make this cookie if you're going to screw it up. Make perfection."

Star Wars Cookies Using Holiday Cookie Cutters
The Sweet Adventures Of Sugarbelle, November 9, 2011
      See how Sugarbelle decorated her version of Star Wars cookies using only Halloween and Christmas cookie cutters.

Mother-Daughter Pizzell Bakers Celebrate 10 years Adding Pizzazz To The Holiday Dessert Table
Digital Journal, November 8, 2011
      BellaPizzelle, one of the few companies that hand-bakes pizzelle and ships them all over the United States, is marking its 10th anniversary creating these traditional, decorative cookies that have long been a staple of celebrations. Comprised of an 87-year-old off-the-boat Italian woman and her first-generation American daughter, BellaPizzelle bakes pizzelle two at a time using an old country recipe.

Shoogie Dadders? From Silly Sayings To Chewy Cookies
Bemidji Pioneer, November 6, 2011
      On a sunshiny day last summer during a car ride with a few of my grandchildren, we all got a little silly. We'd just made a stop at the local chocolate shop for some candy treats. Giggles escalated to hardy belly-laughs as we sang nursery rhymes opera-style with brief pauses for licks of Sugar Daddy caramel lollipops (the grandchildren) and bites of thick dark chocolate-dipped apricot (me).

Last Year's Winning Cookie
NorthJersey.com, November 6, 2011
      "Melting Moments," tiny brown butter-guava sandwich cookies, won Phyllis Pette of Manhattan her second consecutive first-prize in The Record's holiday cookie contest in 2010 This year, Pette will serve on the judging panel and here is her winning recipe.

Cookies Culprit Of Scare At Post Office
Journal-News, November 5, 2011
      The Jefferson County, West Virgina, Police Department has a new entry in its Most Wanted list: Cookies. A package of the sweet confections was revealed to be at the heart of a hazardous materials scare Friday morning at the Ranson Post Office. The incident occurred at 7:47am, when employees called the police to report a possible explosion and release of a white substance.

Taking A Trip 'Inside The Jewish Bakery'
J Weekly, November 3, 2011
      Reading "Inside The Jewish Bakery: Recipes And Memories From The Golden Age Of Jewish Baking" is like being invited to go behind the bakery counter to learn the secrets and stories behind favorites such as the black-and-white cookie, pumpernickel bread and more.

Cookie-Infused Alcohol? Pour Me A Glass Of Amaretto
The Globe and Mail, November 3, 2011
      Liquer distillers are an inventive bunch. They'll steep almost anything in alcohol to come up with a bracing beverage: fennel, bark, wormwood, even radicchio and artichokes. But how about cookies? That's the key ingredient in a sweet, almond-flavored liquer popping up on Ontario shelves. It's called Lazzaroni Amaretto and, if you're a fan of the Italian macaroons called amaretti, you may recognize the name Lazzaroni.

Libertyville Woman Claims World Record For Cookie Decorating
Chicago Sun Times, November 1, 2011
      Amanda Cramer enjoys baking and decorating cookies with her two daughters. The Libertyville mother and her two daughters set a world record in RecordSetter Book of World Records by decorating 1,864 cookies within an hour. The purpose of the event was to raise funds for the Children's Heart Foundation, an organization which seeks to prevent and treat congenital heart disease among children.

ZipList and Callaway Digital Arts Team Up On Martha Stewart Cookies™ App Update With New Features And Recipes In Time For The Holidays
PR Web, November 1, 2011
      The popular and highly rated app integrates new technology to help cookie lovers discover new recipes and make it easier to add ingredients to grocery lists.

Crunching Data On The Best Cookies
ABC News, November 1, 2011
      Think you know chocolate chip cookies? Consumer Reports tested 18 of the sugary confections and in a new ranking says the cookies produced by Southhampton, N.Y.-based Tate's Bake Shop take the cake. "They were excellent. They had big butter and chocolate flavors and smooth chocolate chips," Consumer Reports' Maxine Seigel told ABC News.

Dear Wall Street Occupiers: Hundreds of Letters, Parcels Bring Encouragement… and Cookies
Washington Post, October 31, 2011
      Bette Snyder is nourishing the Wall Street protesters from her kitchen in northwester Ohio. For the past three weeks, the 69-year-old woman has sent the occupiers of Zuccotti Park tins of home-baked cookies and messages of support. "Here are some cookies for the demonstrators," she wrote in a note accompanying one of the tins. "I will keep sending them as long as you keep protesting."

The Spy Who Baked Me
UCSD Guardian, October 31, 2011
      Recent UCSD grad shakes up his mother's chocolate chip cookie recipe with a secretive delivery method.

13 Spooky Halloween Cookie Recipes
Babble.com, October 30, 2011
      Cookies make the perfect treats for Halloween parties - there are so many ways to make them, from drop cookies to fancy decorate cookies - dolled up or creeped out, depending on how gory/scary/spooky you want your Halloween party to be.

Soldiers Enjoy Midnight Snack During 'Opeation Oreo Cookie'
DVIDS.com, October 30, 2011
      During this operation, the deployed soldiers of the 1st Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division received a large shipment of Oreo® cookies, compliments of a church group based in Alpharetta, Ga. The program itself was born into fruition by a chance encounter. In 2009, the Senior Minister of Alpharetta 1st United Methodist Church, Dr. Don Martin, was on an airplane and met a young serviceman who was returning from 18 months duty in Iraq. When asked what he missed most while away, the young soldier immediately replied "Oreos®, Double Stuffed!"

Let Your Cereal Bowl Provide Inspiration For Desserts
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 27, 2011
      The professional's desire to mimic the personal - to restaurant-ize, if you will, the emotional content of a home-cooked meal - is one of the most powerful trends in contemporary cooking. Includes great recipes for Cornflake-Chocolate-Chip-Marshmallow Cookies, Cornflake Crunch, and Salted Brown Butter Rice Krispies Treats.

Florida Medical Duo Offers Children A Healthy And Tasty Cookie That Helps Them Learn
PR Web, October 27, 2011
      Ten years after Congress passed the "No Child Left Behind Act" to help improve American educational standards, a pair of South Florida physicians and Omega-3 Specialists are encouraging higher school nutritional standards through their "No Brain Left Behind" and Omega Cookie efforts.

Healthy Cookies From Kookie Karma
North County Times, October 27, 2011
      Juli Novotny has been running Kookie Karma, her vegan cookie and snack company, for seven years, but she's been baking for the masses for 18 years.

Scott DiDomenico Hope 'Cookie' Is A Monster
HarnessLink.com, October 26, 2011
      HandsOffMyCookie is 15-1 on the morning line, but with eight wins in nine harness racing starts there is no question the filly is accustomed to finding her way to the winner's circle. As for the filly's name, Fucci said there was no particular signficance, other than a love of cookies.

Couple Bake 1,000 Cookies A Month To Feed The Homeless
KC Star, October 26, 2011
      Some couples spend quality time together playing golf or traveling, while others connect over a shared interest in art, film or music. Tallgrass Creek residents Bunny and Lynn Brown bond together by volunteering at Meals on Wheels as part of a group that bakes 1,000 cookies a month to help feed the homeless.

Can The Smell Of Cookies Make Us Nicer To Each Other?
Business Insider, October 23, 2011
      In a preliminary study, passersby in a large shopping mall were significantly more likely to help a same-sex accomplice (by retrieving a dropped pen or providing change for a dollar) when these helping opportunities took place in the presence of pleasant ambient odors (e.g. baking cookies).

Diwali Git Packs, With Love From Tihar Jail
DNA India, October 22, 2011
      The bakery at sub-jail No. 2 in Tihar has been busy. For the first time, the inmates of India's largest prison have rolled out cookies, naan khatal and namkeen in special Diwali gift packs for the market. "It's awesome! I had never imagined that such delicious cookies are made here," Singh said on his visit to Tihar to inaugurate a Spice Unit.

'Cookie Monster' Offers Best Explanation Yet For Occupy Wall Street
SF Weekly, October 21, 2011
      A guy calling himself Cookie Monster has written what looks to us like the most clear and persuasive explanation for the Occupy movement we've seen anywhere.

Warning: Cookies So Good, You'll Eat Them All In One Sitting
How Stuff Works, October 20, 2011
      Jessica from The Novice Chef makes Biscoff Cookie Dough Ball to die for. With crispy outsides and gooey insides, we just had to share. Don't say we didn't warn you!

'Cookie Crunch' Brings Holiday Cheer To Airman At Osan
Pacific Air Forces, October 20, 2011
      Volunteers closed in on the half-way point of a "Cookie Crunch" October 20, 2011. Just three days into the cookie-baking project by the Osan Officers Spouses Club, more than 30,000 cookies are baked, bagged and ready for delivery to unaccompanied U.S. military personnel stationed on the Korean peninsula.

Bake Your Own Custom Fortune Cookies
CNET.com, October 20, 2011
      Most speciality appliances try to be something they are not. It may be a case of exaggeration about its feature set, or perhaps a confusing product description that would lead someone to believe it is capable of something that it is not. Not so with the Sunbeam Fortune Cookie Maker. The counterop appliance is even shaped like a fortune cookie!

How To Make Magic Kingdom Halloween Cookies
WESH.com, October 19, 2011
      Here's a recipe from Tony's Town Square in the Magic Kingdom Park (courtesy of Disney) for Jack Skellington Sugar Cookies.

Smart Cookies: 5 Handy Business Lessons from the Girl Scouts
Business News Daily, October 19, 2011
      For the last 100 years, the Girls Scouts of the USA has had a winning recipe, and it's not just for the cookies. Accoriding to Girl Scouts of the USA CEO Kathy Cloninger, 70% of women in executive leadership roles got their start with the Girl Scouts.

Chilled Dough Ends Cookies Sprawl
Houston Chronicle, October 18, 2011
      To keep cookies plump and full when baking, refrigerate dough before placing them in a preheated oven.

Justin Bieber Holiday LP Inspired By 'Christmas Cookies'
MTV.com, October 18, 2011
      Justin Bieber is about to share his top-secret approach to writing his upcoming holiday album. In order to pen holiday tunes, Bieber forced himself to get in the Christmas spirit, and to do this he turned to Christmas cookies, of course.

Marin Schools Bribing Kids With Cookies To Stop Buying Lunch From Off-Campus Food Trucks
GrubStreet.com, October 17, 2011
      A high school in Novato, CA, is having trouble preventing students from walking three houses down from the campus to buy lunch from a couple of junk-food wagons that only sell soda, candy and chips.

Chocolate Chip Cookies and College Classes
Wired.com, October 11, 2011
      There is no doubt that many institutions are having budget problems. But what are some possbile solutions to this problem? Let me first look at another problem: chocolate chip cookies.

The 7 Best Food Epitaphs For Halloween
Babbel.com, October 11, 2011
      I'm making a classic brownie graveyard this week and looked up food related epitaphs on the web for ideas of what to put on the cookie tombstones. I found a few great ones and thought I'd share them with you.

Best Of New York: Levain Bakery Has The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies
New York Daily News, October 10, 2011
      All you need is love - and a few really good ingredients - to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

QR Cookies Create Unique Personalized Messages
Springwise.com, October 10, 2011
      We've seen QR Codes put to various uses over recent months, from helping conferences run more smoothly to linking t-shirts labels to MP3 files. Now German company Qkies have given the QR Code the edible treatment, combining them with cookie mix to create munchable personalized messages.

Defeating Al Quaeda With Pizza, Cookies and the Koran
Mother Jones, October 4, 2011
      What is the best way to break a terrorist? Waterboarding? Stress positions? What about pizza, ice cream, or sugar-free cookies?

How To Make Layered Cookies Using Cookie Molds - Cookie Baking Demo with Recipe by Anne L. Watson
1888 press Release, September 30, 2011
      Author Anne L. Watson, featured guest writer for Zanda Panda, demonstrates how to add raisins, nuts, chocolate chip, etc. to molded cookies without losing their beautiful designs - just in time for holiday baking.

Speculoos Slowly Spreading Through Los Angeles
LA Times, September 27, 2011
      Some say Speculoos is the new Nutella. It looks like peanut butter but tastes like the gingerbread, cinnamon-flavored cookie it's made from, known as biscoff.

Kurt Cobain's No Bake Cookies
Eating the Beats, September 27, 2011
      Eating the Beats explores what happens when music and food collide. Blogger Laura Leebove recently found Kurt Cobain's recipe for no bake cookies in his Journals and decided what better way to honor him and the 20th anniversary of the release of Nirvana's Nevermind - the popular album from the Seattle-based trio that altered the music landscape forever.

Great American Cookies® Hosts Second Annual Reading is SWEET!™ National Book Drive
PRNewsWire.com, September 26, 2011
      Month long literacy awareness event launches October 1 with free cookie giveaway and recording artist Michelle Branch as national spokesperson.

Cookies Get Emmy Nod
Patch.com, September 25, 2011
      What would you do is the Emmy Awars called? Buy a gown, book a salon appointment, and get a massage? If you are Joel and Kim Ansh of Fatboy's Cookie Dough, you start to bake cookies.

Cookies Strike Fear On Flight - Passenger says sweet gesture could be potential hazard
Chicago Tribune, September 12, 2011
      What was universally understood as a simple, gracious gesture in the past can now easily become the raw material that breeds suspicion and fear a decade after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Organize Cookie Cutters Using A Pegboard
Annie's Eats, September 1, 2011
      If you enjoy making cookies using cookie cutters and have piled up lots of them, you may need an organization option beyond throwing them in a drawer. Culinary weblog Annies Eats recommends hanging a small piece of pegboard to fit along the wall of you pantry or kitchen and storing the cutters on the peghooks.

At Last! The New Triple Double Oreo Cookie Hitting Shelves
PR Newswire, August 17, 2011
      After months of anticipation, Oreo launches new "twist" on milk's favorite cookie - the most anticipated cookie on the planet has finally arrived.

Neapolitan Triple Double Oreos Brighten Up The Cookie Shelf, Thicken Up Waistlines
HuffingtonPost.com, August 12, 2011
      The Oreo was the best-selling cookie of the twentieth century; Nabisco has sold about hald a trillion of them since their introduction in 1912.

Cookie Tuesday Ties People Together In One Caledonia Neighborhood
JournalTimes.com, August 10, 2011
      In Carolyn Azarian's backyard, a gallon of milk was on the table. Her cookies were ready.

Lip Smacker Bakes Up New Girl Scout Cookie-Inspired Lip Glosses
Drug Store News, August 8, 2011
      Aspire Brand's Lip Smacker has inked a licensing deal with Girl Scouts of USA to develop the new Girl Scout Lip Smackers inspired by the flavors of Girl Scout Cookies.

Choose Your Own Chip-Venture: Are These The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies In L.A.?
LAist.com, August 4, 2011
      Your afternoon snack has just found its raison d'etre: Today is National Chocolate Chip Day, and the way the cookie crumbles around here is, well…we're talking chocolate chip cookies. Sweeeeeet, right?

CustomMade Curator: Oreo Cookie Sculpture
DIY Life, July 29, 2011
      Exceptionally realistic sculptures by Robin Antar - but these Oreo cookies are definitely not for eating.

Antidote for HomeSickness is Spelled C-O-O-K-I-E
Tarrytown-SleepyHollow Patch, July 28, 2011
      Six thousand miles away, soldiers receive a sweet surprise from Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson.

Seeking Comfort In Food Is As Natural As Mother's Milk
Seminole Heights Patch, July 13, 2011
      Our fast-food obsessed nation should address the underlying causes of obesity, not make those who eat for comfort feel guilty.

Clementine's Chocolate Chip Cookies
Los Angeles Times, July 9, 2011
      Simply put, it's the perfect chocolate chip cookie - crisp on the outer edge, chewy in the middle and gooey in the dead center. It would be amazing to have the recipe so I can make them for my granddaughter when she comes to visit!

Cookies & Corks Debuts Single Flavor Packs
SF Gate, July 8, 2011
      Cookies & Corks, a cookie company that creates sweet and savory bite-sized wine pairing cookies, is now offering single flavor packs. Debuting at the 57th Summer Fancy Food Show in Washington DC, the cookie flavors available in the single packs include Apricot Sage, Ginger Molasses, Zesty Lemon, Sea Salt Chocolate Oatmeal, Espresso Chocolate Peanut Butter and White Cheddar Rosemary.

Cookie Jars
New York Times, July 6, 2011
      Most people aren't surprised to discover that Sarabeth Levine collects cookie jars. She is, after all, the owner of the popular bakery and restaurant Sarabeth's, with multiple locations in New York City and one in Key West, Florida.

BabyCakes Vegan Bakery Owner Erin McKenna Whips Up Timeless Sweets For The Healthy-Minded
New York Daily News, July 4, 2011
      Iconic desserts are getting a healthy makeover, thanks to BabyCakes owner Erin McKenna. Made from gluten-free flour and sweetened with agave syrup, McKenna's cupcakes, doughnuts and cookies are delicious without being overly fatty or sugary.

Oreo Cookie Sculptures Give New Meaning To Artistic Discipline
Death+Taxes, June 27, 2011
      For her new art project "From Scratch" Judith G. Klausner transformed Oreo cookies into classic-looking cameos. When I look at a double-stuffed Oreo, all I'm thinking about is getting the two cookies apart and that mysterious white center into my mouth as quickly as possible without crumbling it. I've never paused to look at the intricate emboss, let alone consider the cookies and their icy stuffing as an artistic medium. But artist Judith G. Klausner has found inspiration in new materials: modern packaged foods.

Frankfort Dad Asks: Why Not A Cookie Bowl?
Chicago Sun-Times, June 27, 2011
      It wasn't Mark Valerious' love of cookies that led him to invent the cookie bowl. It was his digged determination to see an idea through to fruition.

Who Invented The Oreo? The Unsung Heroes Of Cookie Design
The Atlantic, June 13, 2011
      An account of biscuit stamping, communion wafers, and whether the Oreo's success hinges on its links to the Freemasons.

Alice Medrich Bakes An Award-Winning Cookie Book
Seattle Weekly, June 8, 2011
      At last weeks annual conference for the International Association of Culinary Professionals, awards were presented for the best cookbooks of the year. In the Baking category, the award was given to Alice Medrich for her excellent cookie book, Chewy, Gooey, Crispy, Crunchy Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies.

Crowd-Sourced Molasses Cookies Reveal Very Old Techniques
Bangor Daily News, June 7, 2011
      Just talking about molasses cookies prompted Peggy Tracy to try a recipe she has had "a very long time." "Your saying that you were looking for a molasses cookie recipe made me want to bake and eat molasses cookies," she wrote.

Who Made That Oreo Emboss?
New York Times Magazine, June 6, 2011
      There are many imitations, but there is only one Oreo. Thankfully, distinguishing it from the rest is easy, due to the signature pattern that's printed on each chocolate wafer. After the National Biscuit Company introduced the Oreo in 1912, its face underwent a few rounds of adjustments before the contemporary design was settled upon in 1952.

MIT Graduate Student Mario Bollini Is Currently Programming The PR2 Robot To Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies
MIT News, June 6, 2011
      Donned in a gauzy dental gown, the PR2 robot lifts its left hand and grasps the mixing bowl placed in front of it. The robots right hand, equipped with a rubber spatula, shortly follows suit, veering inside the bowl and toward the mound of softened butter waiting inside.

Shaquille O'Neal Teams Up With OREO And Milk For Iconic "Got Milk?®" Ad Campaign
PR Newswire, June 1, 2011
      Classic pairing of OREO cookies and milk are a slam 'dunk' for basketball's biggest star and his biggest fan in his upcoming ad during National Dairy Month.

Baked Goods: One Man's 24-Hour, All-Cookie Marathon
The Atlantic, May 31, 2011
      A baker's grandson stays up overnight to make his special mandel bread—and tells his family's sotry in the process.

DoubleTree By Hilton Cookie CAREavan Hits The Road With 50-City Tour To Celebrate Silver Anniversary Of Signature Chocolate Chip Cookie
EON.com, May 26, 2011
      DoubleTree by Hilton is celebrating the 25th anniversary of their signature chocolate chip cookie this summer by doing something that many people have always dreamed of doing - taking the ultimate road trip across America.

Why The Inventor Of Girl Scout Cookies Would Be Ashamed Today
Change.org, May 24, 2011
      Ethel Jenninges Newton invented Girl Scout cookies in 1934. She was a tall and elegant woman who believed her highest calling was to make the world a better place. She was also my grandmother. Knowing my grandmother, whom we called "Angel," I can say this: Today, Ethel Jennings Newton would be ashamed of the destruction her inventiveness is causing in the lives of those powerless to stop it.

Cookie Bar Celebrates Birthday With 850,000 Cookies Sold
Scoop.co.nz, May 17, 2011
      The world's first Cookie Bar in Queenstown is celebrating its first birthday and a hugely successful year of business - with 850,000 cookies sold and thousands of litres of fresh milk dispensed from its 'beer' tap.

Chocolate Chip Day: A Sweet Excuse To Have Dessert!
WTen, May 15, 2011
      For chocolate lovers and cookie fans everywhere, May 15 is a day to celebrate - it's National Chocolate Chip Day! A truly American creation, chocolate chips were developed in 1939, following the surprising popularity of an accidental recipe by innkeeper Ruth Wakefield, co-owner of the Toll House in Massachusetts.

Cookulus Reinvents the Chocolate Chip Cookie with 'Ultimate Recipe' Food App
SFGate, May 10, 2011
      Is the ultimate chocolate chip cookie crisp and chewy? Soft and thick? At Cookulus' (rhymes with "calculus") the ultimate recipe is the one that lets the cook make it exactly her way: soft or crispy, chewy or crumbly, thin or thick, decadently chocolate or wholesomely whole wheat. Move the sliders on the app's control panel and ingredient amounts shift, the oven temperature rises or lowers, and the cooking time lengthens or shortens -- a completely individualized recipe is ready for baking.

Beijing Cake Shop Whips Up iPhone Cookie and iPad Cake Frenzy
NTD Television, May 6, 2011
      Beijingers go through crazes for western food, from pizzas to burritos to burgers, and now designer cookies and cakes are their new hot dogs. Chinese American Carol Chow is running the most fashionable custom made dessert shop 'CCSweets' in downtown Beijing.

Otis Spunkmeyer Supports World Wish Day® with Wish Kid's Cookie Creation
SF Gate, April 27, 2011
      Otis Spunkmeyer, Inc., the nation's leading fresh-baked cookie company, announces a limited time product offering in honor of the Make-A-Wish Foundation® and World Wish Day, April 29, 2011, a global celebration of wish granting.

The 6 Best Cookie Jar Cookies
The Huffington Post, April 1, 2011
      There's something quaint about the idea of filling the cookie jar. It evokes the days of coming home from school, dropping the backpack, and heading the to the kitchen for a snack. For some of us, those after-school cookies were probably Oreos, Milanos, and Chessman, but homemade cookies are even more magical.

Prince William Chooses Wedding Cake Made Of Cookies
CNN, March 26, 2011
      Prince William and bride-to-be Kate Middleton's wedding may be full of all the pomp and ceremony of a traditional British state occasion, but when it comes to their wedding cake they've taken their inspiration from the United States and requested a "groom's cake" made of cookies and chocolate to be served alongside the couple's official wedding cake.

Documentary Warns Against 'Killer Cookies,' Other Processed Foods
Stamford Patch, March 3, 2011
     In the American economy where food production accounts for one-third, trans fats, called a toxic chemical in the film, are big business. A "serving size" of three Oreos contained 5.5 grams of trans fats and won the film's sobriquet of "killer cookies."

Bakin' Whoopie: A Pie Fight Starts Over a Cream-Filled Cake
Wall Street Journal, February 14, 2011
     Two states claim the Whoopie Pie started there; Named by Amish kids - or after a sexy song?

How to Make Sprinkles for Cupcakes, Cookies and Cakes
thekitchn.com, February 9, 2011
     Homemade decorative sprinkles for your baked goods allow you to say your treats are truly homemade.

Kraft to Bake Canada's Greenest Cookies
The Star, February 1, 2011
     Kraft Canada has partnered with renewable energy retailer Bullfrog Power on a pilot project that will see millions of boxes of Dad's Oatmeal Cookies baked and packaged using zero-emission electricity and "green" natural gas.

Cookie Cutters: Girls Scouts Trim Their Lineup for Lean Times
Wall Street Journal, January 27, 2011
     As the annual selling season gets under way for the organization's iconic cookies, Girl Scouts councils are beginning to say adios to Dulce de Leche, no thanks to Thank U Berry Much and farewell to a whole slew of other varieties added in recent years.

Casey's Cookies Creating Treats and Opportunity
ABC Action News, January 18, 2011
     At a rented commercial kitchen in Largo, Florida, one Pinellas County family is baking cookies that not only taste good, they're changing lives.

Isabella's Cookie Company Thinks Outside of the Chocolate Box this Valentine's Day
PRLog.org, January 17, 2011
     Isabella's Cookie Company shows some heart this Valentine's Day. Home to the most craved cookies in the world, Isabella's Cookie Company is serving up specialty heart-shaped Sugar Rush cookies, beginning January 24th thru February 16th.

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